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  1. Tomorrow I'm ordering my pellet smoker more than likely Rec Tec. I noticed they have packages on is a fair amount of pellets and a cover, but that's like 340,00 smacks, so not sure that makes sense.

    My actual question is ......What type of pellets can I burn? Are there discount houses for buying pellets? Is there one better than others? Any input before I place my order would be greatly appreciated. I'm still gonna search the forums.

    Thank U In Advance
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    One of the bigger challenges for pellet cooking is finding affordable fuel.  In some parts of the country, including mine, retail cooking pellet locations are few and far between.  Lots of pellet cooker owners must supply their pellet fuel via online orders, which I have done...and that will increase the cost because of shipping fees.  Obviously its better if you can find some local dealers.  Most of the major pellet manufacturers have dealer search options on their websites.  Another option for online buying is Amazon.

    One suggestion:  if you have an Academy Sports and Outdoor nearby, check to see if they stock B&B Pellets...those are good pellets that I use quite a bit.  My Academy locations carry them in 3 flavors (hickory, apple and mesquite) for around $11 per 20 lb. bag.

    Like most of the pellet cookers here, I am always searching and shopping for affordable pellets.  check out this extensive thread on the subject:

    Hope this helps...good luck!

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  3. Hollywoodgt, make sure that the pellets you burn a food safe, some heating pellets have other woods and chemicals that should not be used with food. That said, I would shop around for BBQ and fireplace shops in your area first, if nothing close look for pellet distributors and then get pricing. Some will only sell by whole or half pallets, others will sell in different amounts and then do a price comparison.

    I know that when I bought my Yoder ATBBQ they had half pallets with 28, 20 pound bags, but when I called BBQ Delight their half pallet is 42 bags. For me adding their half pallet to my order with my YS640, I only paid $12.00 per bag with the additional shipping. Fortunately for me I have a BBQ store not 15 minutes from me and they charge $16/bag and will discount based on quantity.

  4. Joe

    Thanks a bunch, I kind of gathered that after doing some reading. I pretty sure I'm going with the Rex Tec and was going to purchace there package. This why I have their pellets to start out with and a factory cover. I will though check the prices and see if it is a good deal.

  5. The B&B brand are renamed BBQ Delights which I use. Good pellets. Any food grade pellet is OK. Try them and buy the one you like.
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    Good info here & the thread Red give the link to is a great discussion as well.... Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents here ! I've been using Camp Chef pellets for a while now, they burn really efficient & I've been real happy with them !

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