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Discussion in 'Pork' started by wildmttrout, Jul 3, 2015.

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    What's up guys? I've got three butts on the smoker and was wondering how things are looking so far. I have been smoking for a few years now, but I've never had anybody tell me how things should be done. I've read quite a few threads on here and received some great info.

    Anyway, here is the play by play.

    Made a dry rub (mostly paprika, garlic, dark brown sugar, sage, and a few other odds and ends.

    Rubbed down the three butts (one is not shown)


    Wood is a 60/40 mix of apple and hickory; all dry stick wood. No chunks or charcoal needed after the initial fire is built.(Apple on the right, hickory on the left)


    Smoking using a chargriller with side firebox. (I would love to have a fancy rig like you dudes have, but this seems to get the job done for me. Anybody else use one of these?)



    Here they are at 130 internal temp



    I hit them with a mop of AJ, ACV, and liquid smoke about every hour or so. I also rotate them in the smoke chamber so each is gaining heat at the same rate.

    Here we are at 160 internal temp


    Now, I usually wrap at 165-170, but I am not sure I will this time. Up until last week (5 years or so), I have been using the stock thermometer. Since then, I have been using a grill surface thermometer and getting much different reads. It seems the stock themometer is reading way too low. Anyway, if any one else uses this type of smoker, what are your experiences with them?

    I plan on taking off at 195-200 and resting them for 2 hrs before pulling and chopping. I have a big crowd to feed (30 or so) and chopping seems to make the Q go a lot further.

    Open for comments and ideas.
  2. bear55

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    Looking great so far.  I, like you always foil my butts at 165 I find they cook faster and I am not a big fan of black crunchy bark.  I take them to 205 before resting in an ice chest for 2 hours.  I use a thermapen thermometer and find it a "must have"  it is accurate and reads fast.  I have a pellet grill (Rec Tec) and I am 100% happy with the unit.  It is so easy to obtain and maintain any temp needed for that long slow cook.  My Rec Tec's interior thermometer is within 3 degrees of my Maverick so I don't even use the Maverick anymore.

    Good luck


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