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  1. Hey everyone, my name is Lisa, 54 year old female from Flower Mound TX.  Purchased a Masterbuilt 40" with window a couple of weeks ago from Sam's Club.  Not new to grilling or using a small smoker box w/charcoal or gas but wanted to ease of the electric smoker and not having to watch over the grill during our hot, hot summers.  Due to the weather and time I have only used it once to smoke a Pork Loin roast using my own concoction of a rub and apple wood.  It turned out great and I made awesome quesadillas with leftovers.  I could use some good ideas and hints on cooking chicken, either bone in breasts or whole chickens or even turkey breasts.  I appreciate the posts on covers, I am in need of one since I do not have a covered patio.  Now that I know about the possible inaccuracy of the probe I will purchase a backup.  I did check mine against the digital probe I use inside and it was within 1 degree - guess I lucked out for now.

    Thanks ya'll and have a great weekend!
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    Welcome to the forum, Lisa!  Just down the road from you in Fort Worth!  One thing most people agree on is brining your chicken or turkey in whatever form, it does make it juicier.  You can also cure your poultry to add a ham-type flavor too; check out my links below! Have a lot of fun with your new toy and enjoy!
  3. Thanks for all the info - I am sure it will all come in handy!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello Lisa and welcome to SMF
  5. Howdy, from Temple!

    You've found the right place for information on using the MES.  I got mine just before Thanksgiving last year and have used it several times since then.  Thanks to the help I received from folks here, I have not yet had a FAIL (sound of knocking on my wooden head).

    Take the time to read threads here, too.  Practice with the Advanced Search function on the Search engine and you will find more information than you can absorb at once.  Placing your keywords in quotation marks will cause the engine to search for that exact phrase which helps you narrow down the results.  If that doesn't work, try it without the quotes and read some results and try to rephrase your search term.  That has helped me a great deal.

    I found that using the chip tray on the MES is a time-consuming chore; so I bought the AMNPS and pellets from Todd Johnson (TJohnson, here at SMF).  I highly recommend that you consider the AMNPS.

    Don't forget that we like Qview (pics).



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