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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by danks, May 10, 2013.

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    Grereetings fellow smokers, i own a small restaurant in armenia and we just got a small electric smoker delivered all the way from cookshack, i would like to make smoked chicken breast sandwiches and pulled chicken, but they take around 2 hours, i cant wait for an order then start to smoke them. Is there a way they do them in restaurants in the USA? Appreciate all the help from you folks.
  2. I'm guessing with both of those the best way would be cook ahead and then re-heat when an order comes in.  Not sure about the breasts as they would have a chance to try out someone with more knowldge will be along shortly to answer that.  As far as the pulled chicken goes I would cook them a little under 165F and then shred/pull and just reheat in a pan with broth and bbq sauce when your order comes up.
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    You could always show up couple hours early and start the chicken with enough for the first rush and a little extra and then just keep putting more in the smoker through out the day. I know a lot of BBQ joints here man the smoker around the clock to get the product out. Also you might be able to save some drippings from the chicken and once done put the chicken in the juice to keep it moist as chicken does dry out rather quick. Just my .02 cents. Hope this helps.

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