Newbie Reaching Out on a MB 30 + Cold Smoker Unit or maybe a Iron Cheff Unit?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by yankeejoe1911, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Would be funny

  2. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    just did my first smoke with the MB30 using the amnps, yesterday.

    i got a full 12 hours of smoke, but, it does take up space. it's 5''x8''. a bit over 2'' high.

    gonna cold smoke cheese tomorrow with the amnps in my traeger.

    i really like the maze but i've never tried the attachment.

    the price is probably the same because you gotta buy a torch n fuel to light the maze.
  3. Cool

  4. susieqz, is your MES 30 a gen 1 or 2? Mine is a gen 2,
  5. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    joe, my 30 was a sale floor model. the instructions don't say what generation but the controls are on the back.

    i got a little panicky n called for help here when it wouldn't hold a 140 temp. it was 15 degrees off.

    but, it stayed close to 180, 190 n 200, so my smoke was a success. i have no idea why it wouldn't do 140 but would stay within 2 degrees of the others.
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  6. old sarge

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    Congrats on your smoke susieqz. 
  7. bearcarver

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    Since the AMNPS was designed to fit on the little bars to the left of your chip burner assembly, what is it that you would rather put there, instead of your AMNPS? IMO that's a pretty much wasted space without an AMNPS setting there.[​IMG]

  8. How about a small subwoofer for some music during the smoke? [​IMG]

    But on a more serious note, where did you end up putting the AMNPS susieqz? The spot on the bottom right on the 2 bars that Bear mentioned is the perfect fit for
  9. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    gauth, i put mine on the left, on the bottom shelf since i my 3 3/4 lb  butt was on the next shelf up, to the right.

    this size smoker is perfect for me because the biggest thing i'll put in there is a half ham.

    when i buy fresh ham i have it cut in half. i can't manage a full ham.

    just so you guys know, i followed advice the door was opened twice in the first 16 hours, water pan full of sand, top vent open.

    i forgot to rotate it but it was evenly cooked,.

    i still wish i knew when to adjust the top vent.
  10. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    This is my MES 40, but the AMNPS will fit at the same place in your MES 30 Gen #1.

    That way it doesn't take up space that's good for anything else!!

    Hope that helps,

  11.  susieqz, I have a GEN 2 which the most obvious visual difference being the type of water pan that is used. I beleive from all the pictures I've seen the GEN 1 has a larger oval water pan that sits below the racks. The GEN 2 has a rectangular water pan which slides in specific mounts on the bottom left. I'll attach a picture of mine (GEN 2) for you to compare.

  12. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic


  13. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yes----The Gen #1 has a big water pan, the controls in a box on the top, and the top vent in the top back right corner. It is also hinged on the right side.

    The Gen #2 has a slanted drip plate with a little water pan hanging in it, the top vent in the left side wall near the top, and the controls are built into the top front edge. It is also hinged on the left side.

  14. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You said:

    just did my first smoke with the MB30 using the amnps, yesterday.

    i got a full 12 hours of smoke, but, it does take up space. it's 5''x8''. a bit over 2'' high.

    I only mentioned that to tell you if you put it where it belongs it won't take up the space you "Mentioned".


    PS: If you'd rather, I'll try not to help you any more.  Sorry.
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  15. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

     joe i see yours is different. i doubt it matters much.

    mine is the right size for me. the biggest  piece of meat i'll put in there is a half ham.

    i find whole hams awkward to deal with.

    mostly what i like about this unit is the ability to smoke  at low temps.

    my trager just won't work well under 225. when i go to the trouble of curing a ham i want much lower temps.

    it seems you have to mess with the loader to get it working well. mine doesn't like to have it fully closed,  despite what MB says.

    i have been told that you need to drill the holes bigger, but i don't wanna void the warranty.
  16. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    joe, if i did not make myself clear, i can recommend the combination of the 30 with the maze.

    i can't believe the attached smoker would perform better.

    right now, i have 4 3/4 lbs of cheese in there.
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  17. I have my MB 30 GEN 2 sitting here in the living room (like a trophy! lol) waiting for a warmer day to do the seasoning cook. Looking at it I've considered the air flow problems that have been reported for this model. Not being a design engineer I ask the question of how much does the drain hole in the bottom contribute to air flow? I know on the GEN 1 models the drain hole leads to an opening to the back of the unit and into a detachable catch pan. So the GEN 1 system had an drain hole in the bottom of the unit to an unobstructed opening in the back (air flow). Now looking at my GEN 2 I have a removable drip pan that "hugs" the bottom of the unit below the drain hole by means of "L" brackets. Also the plastic front and side moldings that attach to the base of the unit enclose the drip hole all the more. So  IF the drip/drain hole in the bottom of the unit plays an important part in the "breathing" wouldn't this design hamper this? Just thinking outloud here. The reason I am thinking this is I had considered buying a Master Forge Verticle Charcoal Smoker and all I read is how good this cheaper unit functioned once a mod of 1 or 2 half inch holes were drilled into the bottom of the unit to increase "breathing." It might be that I'm barking up the wrong tree as this is an electric smoker, but hot air rises no matter the heat source right? So if hot air is to move upward doesn't there need to be a source of fresh air below? Any comments to my observation?
  18. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I don't think the drain hole does much in the way of air flow on either model, but if it does, the Gen #2 would have less chance, like you said.

    There are 3 holes in your chip dumper that are there for air intake.

  19. Rick, I thought I would bring this back over to this thread as the topic on the other one was about the Maverick Thermometer and I don't want to be accused of [​IMG]! lol

    Here is a youtube video of the MB Cold Smoke Generator. This is not a indepth video but shows how much smoke it puts out.

  20. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    joe, you need to test the unit. i think the air holes on the loader are meant to be your source of air. with mine closed, there wasn't enow air.

    mine has to be partlt open to work well. i guess i have no choice  but to make those holes bigger.

    if you plug in that smoker  n it blocks the air flow i bet you'll have to make holes someplace else.

    several people told me to leave the loader 1 1/2'' out, instead of inserting it all the way. it seems like this is a common problem.

    when you test it, please post your results.

    it may be wise  to hold off on purchasing the attachment till you see what it does.

    you'd think  things that are mass produced would all be the same, but this does not seem to be the case.

    some people can apparently run theirs with the loader pushed all the way in, others can't.

    by the way, i was pleased to see no smoke leakage except thru the top vent. some other kinds of smokers seem to leak smoke from all over.

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