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  1. I picked up a LEM #5 for 165 yesterday new from Bass Pro due to a sale, gift card and a discount and ordered my vertical stuffer and hog casings today. :yahoo: I am planning on making breakfast sausage, boudain, andouille and maybe later on some SS. I am a big time bbq smoker so I want to hot smoke some of these sausages. My forum i regularly hang out on isn't big into sausage knowledge.. So my questions mostly pertain to figuring out when to use a cure and when not to, other than when the directions say, more in depth knowledge. I have been reading Home Production of quality meats and sausages by Stanely Marianski as well. So my question on my other forum was this,
    "More questions,
    Ok so I get the water, spices etc. time to hammer out this cure thing, i understand the difference between 1 & 2.

    So i only need a cure if i let the meat hang out in the danger zone 38-160 for close to 4 house, ie cold smoking or hot smoking below 160. If I'm making fresh sausage like boudain, breakfast etc and cooking it in my smoker using a temp(say 250) that will push it past TDZ in less than 4 hours and eating or freezing afterwards I should be ok?

    Once i break past 160 I shouldn't have to worry about food poisoning anymore as long as I keep it frozen or refrigerated(1-3 days) until its ready to eat then push it back up past the 160 mark?
    Thanks so far."
    I'm not intresting in cold smoking, yet. I am sure that will come but i just want to get started and produce clean, healthy safe sausages for the family. Thank you.
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    yea.. you pretty much have it figured out... no cure is needed if it's going to be fully cooked with in the 4 hour period (40`-140`-4 hrs).. or frozen right away...
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    You my friend are going to have a blast.  Long time smoker and know my way around a kitchen. But making links is the most fun I've ever had.  

    I've got the same grinder as you.  Sausage aside... Do this.  Buy a chuck roast. Grind it into hamburger.  Toss a few patties on the grill. Enjoy the best cheese burger you've ever had.  But man... The fresh sausage is going to be out of this world. 

    You'll never buy store ground burger again. 


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  4. That's exactly what I have heard about the beef patties. I am excited to give this is a good run in. :sausage:
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    there is an endless amount of knowledge and help on this site... and the willingness of everyone to help is AWESOME .....

    almost feel like we should be wearing a patch ... and colors like a bike gang people stick together so well here  :0)

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    You should check out the Len Poli website. He has a really nice place over there to get tons of recipes and great information. I have made several of them and have not been disappointed yet. You are on the right track that's for sure.

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