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  1. New to sausage making that is.

    Ordered a Grinder/Stuffer (Lem #8) last weekend.

    I have a couple questions before I get started:

    1)  I see there are several different types of casings. Does it really make a difference which you use?

         I plan on making Italian sausage, brats, summer sausage, and hard salami.

    2)  Also have seen that 30% fat in the mix recommended.

         Can this be reduced and if not, why?

         Loss of flavor, dry, ???


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    1. Yes it does. Some casings are whats called protein lined. These are used for dry cure where the casing shrinks with the meat. There are synthetic, fibrous and high barrier, cellulose casings which are non edible. Natural, collagen casings are widely used which are edible. There are also vegitarian casings made from plant fibers.

    If your going to make fresh brats you will want to use natural hog casings, sheep is also used for smaller sausage. Summer Sausage you can use fibrous, synthetic or natural.  Hard salamis require protein lined.

    NOTE. Please read on how to make dry hard salami, Its a whole nuther beast. And when making smoked (non fresh) sausage ALWAYS use cure.

    2. This is personal preference. Some like 20% some like 30% lean to fat. Its your call. You can use 15% or lower but the final product will be dry.
  3. Learning lots of new things here.

    I figured there was a reason for different types, but didn't know what.

    Thanks for the info Rick.
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  4. I knew you'd have great info Rick!!!! Thanks for enlightening me further on casings.

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