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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rts, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. rts

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    I smoked my first pork shoulder and it was good but not nearly as tender as I wanted. I could not pull it. I followed the instructions that came with my smoker and took the meat off when the temp made it to 175F.
    Any advice for getting the pork tender enough to pull? I have a brinkmann electric smoker and I used a combo of hickory chunks and chips wrapped in foil for the smoke. Thanks in advance.

  2. I let mine go until the internal temp of the meat reaches 200. Comes right apart and very moist. I don't wrap in foil at all unless I cant pull it for a while, but then only after I take it off the smoker at 200...195 at the earliest.
  3. You have to get up to approx 205 to pull. I wrap mine in foil at 165-170 and leave until 205. Then let rest for 2 plus hours in foil. Pulls nice and easy. Others here are more experienced and I am sure they will give you other advise that will bring you to perfection! Hang in there.
  4. bassman

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    First, welcome to the forum. Your temp of 175 is not high enough to pull pork. If you take it to 165, then wrap in two layers of foil adding a splash of juice (apple, etc), then to 200-205. Wrap it up in some old towels, place in a cooler for at least an hour (preferably 2), then pull. Good luck and keep reading here.
  5. rdknb

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    most foil it around 165, I don't foil it as it is still moist and I love the bark, either way is good and try thim both to decide. The 205 temp then let it rest is the same. Good luck and happy smokes
  6. Ditto...

    A lot of times the butt just falls apart when pulling it off the smoker.
  7. rbranstner

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    Yep take those temps up to 200ish and that baby will pull like nothing.
  8. countryboy19

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    +1 175 is not high enough to pull it. You have to take it higher to break down all the collagen and other things that hold the meat together. Then it will pull very easily.

    From my experience you'll know when its ready to pull because the butt will be practically falling apart. Up until that point it will be a bit firm and see more like a "roast" and stay together.

    ETA, wrapping in foil and a towel or two then letting it rest in a cooler for at least an hour is very important. If you don't follow this step your PP will lose all the juices when you pull it and turn out dry. But if you wrap it and let it rest, the juice will absorb back in the meat and you'll retain more when its time to pull it.
  9. treegje

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  10. rts

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    Thanks for the advise! This forum is great. I'm doing another pork roast today.

  11. newflame

    newflame Meat Mopper

    ditto what everyone else said, just took er off a bit too low, next one you'll be fine, the stuff comes apart like pork jello :)
  12. rts

    rts Newbie

    My pork roast pulled like a dream!! Thanks so much for the info. I also smoked some ribs and salmon which also came out great.
  13. northern greenhorn

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    Welcome to smf, I'm a newbie also, but as you can see, this place is full of useful information.
  14. mballi3011

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    It looks like you have gottin some good advice to me. So after this will you stop into Roll Call and intruduce yourself.

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