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    What is the purpose/function of the water pan?

    What are some basic guidelines/rules for using it?


  2. It helps to control the temperature inside your smoker.  Jeff Phillips has a website that offers some free eCourses (5 total) that you can sign up for on the Web site:    On the Web site, go the section that says "Free Stuff" and sign up for the eCourses.  They provide you with a ton of information.

    Your user manual for the MES should recommend how much water to add.

    Hope this info helps you out.
  3. Fill it with sand and cover it with foil.
  4. Do you just keep it filled with sand and replace the foil? I've just filled it with water. I know masterbuilt suggests it helps with moisture of the meat as well. Not sure about that one though.
  5. I have mine filled with play sand and completely wrapped with foil. Then I have a other piece of foil covering just the top folded under the edges. This way the entire pan stays clean but if I get drippings on it, I just change the top layer. If, that's a big IF, I feel the need to use water, I use a tuna can. It adds a small amount of moisture. Remember, the amount of surface area of the water is what determines the amount of moisture in the smoker. The goal is to smoke the meat, not steam it.
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