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Discussion in 'Pork' started by pigsmoke, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Hey y'all, 

    This coming weekend I am going on a family camping trip, and I've decided I'm going to bring my new WSM with me. I'm planning on smoking some ribs for the lot of us to enjoy and I was wondering if I should rub the ribs at home before leaving for the trip, or leaving them bare and rubbing them down before they go into the smoker? Has anyone ever rubbed meat and then waited a day or two before throwing them into the smoker? Any and all advise or comments are welcome and thank you in advance.

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    No science behind this , but I think 2 days is a bit long to leave the rub on. I do them overnight sometimes , but I've also done them an hour before cooking and to me they show no difference. Just my 2 cents , maybe there's more expert opinion to be had. Hey , have a fun weekend , whatever you decide. :grilling_smilie:
  3. YES.  [​IMG]   Truth is either way will work.  Which ever you find easier.  Many folks season and put it in the fridge over nite.  They write it gives a better flavor and maybe more bark.  I usually season just before the meat goes into the smoker.  I don't know how much ruff-n-it you will be doin so whatever is easier.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I did some ribs this past weekend and I rubbed then down about 30-45 minutes before putting smoke to them.  Rub stayed on ribs just fine and you could taste the rub.  So there is no science to when to put the rub on.
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    Don't try to over think it, take the rub with you and rub just before you cook. It's BBQ, keep it simple.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I've decided I'm going to bring the rub with me and rub them down a half hour before they go in the smoker.
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    Good man!
  8. So it turns out my buddy is bringing up a Butt (unsure of the size, he's going to weigh it today) and I was wondering: Since both ribs and butts get smoked at 225*F can I put the butt on and then a few hours later put the ribs on? I have a WSM 18.5 and I was thinking if I put the butt on the lower rack and then put the ribs on the upper rack later they might be ready at the same time. Anyone have any experience or advice for doing this? Any and all responses welcome.


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    Yep, you can definitely do both at the same time though you actually don't want them coming off together.  The butt should come off first so that it can rest properly before being pulled or sliced.   Allot some extra time for the butt, take it off the smoker when it hits 195 - 205, wrap it in foil and plop it in a cooler with some towels (if you have them).  Don't worry if the butt finishes earlier than you planned as butts are very forgiving and can comfortably rest in the cooler for quite a few hours.   
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    Sounds like you have a great weekend planned.  I have rubbed ribs two days before a smoke and they turned out great, just be sure to wrap them up in plastic wrap and foil.  Of course, I also add more rub before going into the smoker.  The ribs will only take about 6 hours or so depending on the type, but the butt will take about 2 hours per pound, so plan accordingly.

    On the WSM, the top rack is at a slightly higher temp than the bottom.  Start the butt on top then move it to the bottom once you are ready to put the ribs on.  

    Good luck,


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