Newbie Question! FIRST Smoke Tomorrow!

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  1. Hello everyone! I am a newbie here, so I apologize in advance for my terrible questions. I recently purchased the MasterBuilt 40in electric smoker from Lowes. I am planning on smoking a pork butt tomorrow morning to have for the games this weekend.  Here is where I stand now...I purchased a 6.5lb pork butt yesterday and I am applying my dry rub tonight. I am getting up at 8ish to crank up the smoker. Once the smoker hits 225, I plan on putting the meat in and first load of chips(using both hickory and apple). Also, I plan on putting a little apple juice in the water pan to help maintain temp and maybe give a little more flaver? I will apply chips every 45 mins until the meats IT reaches 140 or so. Once the meat gets between 200-205, assuming this will take 10-13 hours, I plan on pulling it out and letting rest for 1 hour. Once rested, I will pull and enjoy.  So my main questions are...

    - Is the overnight rub too long for the rub to be on the meat since the rub contains brown sugar(planning on 12 hrs atleast with rub on)?  I dont want to pull the moisture out of the meat with the sugars in the rub.

    - Is the pan better to use one shelf below the meat, or put the meat directly in the pan?  I want close the door and not open again until done, and if I put directly in the pan, the bottom side wont get smoke...RIGHT?

    - Anything I missed or anything I am wrong on(temps, times, etc)?

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  2. I also wanted to ask, since I will be using the tray on the shelf under the pork butt, do I need to smoke longer than normal to make sure the smoke pentrates the meat all the way through?
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  4. Thanks for the quick reply RAKRAT.  If only an hour earlier, as I just got finished with my rub right before you posted haha.  Unfortunately I did not rinse the meat before applying the yellow mustard and the rub.  Will this affect the outcome of the meat?
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    You are right, when you quote from the Book of Bearcarver, we all say Amen.......
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    you will be fine !!!!!
    one must try very very hard to ruin a pork butt .....
    dont get all worried about things so much.

    #1  treat smoking like cooking, lots of time and love and ya cant go wrong. personally i truly enjoy cooking, smoking to me is just another form of that. the real great enjoyment is when you hunker down a little deeper and start to make your own sausage, bacon and alot of the other goodies you will find on this site. its a very good idea to just browse thru this site. it has endless knowledge and ideas.

    my wife blames me for her extra weight she "thinks" she has ... because of my cooking. when i started out last spring with an MES 30 and trying out the new food i could make i got hooked. made some garlic sausage, bacon, back bacon...... then i realized i needed a bigger smoker so i could have some of the goods for myself..... THE VULTURES WERE CIRCLING  ..  ha ha ha.

    from this site i learned about building a larger fridge/freezer smoker. that is another adventure on its own and this forum has a section on all kinds of smoker builds. the people have taken alot of care to document the complete builds and are always willing to help a fella out. they held my hand thru my build .

    EVERYONE LOVES PICTURES ON HERE TOO ... and that you will find out in time.

    so if ya have some time ... take the time and and browse will be amazed that this is not just a site ...ITS A COMMUNITY ... almost cult like ....  LOL

    i enjoy having a stroll thru the forum with my coffee in the morning.. its always fun

    your biggest danger is everyone will be bugging you for when they can scrounge up another great smoked feast off ya..

    RACKRAT  :0)

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