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  1. I have a big green water smoker that I've used successfully on multiple occassions. I have a nice piece of flank steak marinating in whiskey/vinegar/soy sauce...among other spices. And I'm wondering how long it will take to slow smoke my almost 2 pound steak. Any help would be much appreciated
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    Depends on how you like your steak...rare/medium/well. do you have a meat thermometer? if so that'll be the best way to decide your stopping point. I know the "guideline" for brisket is approx. 1.5 hrs per pound & take it to 190-210 fah. ( but i'm guessing that'd be a lil too done for a steak. I've never really smoked any of my steaks, but i'm sure someone w/ more exp. will be along to help ya alil more in depth.

    btw welcome aboard there is a wealth of knowledge here , that you cant find elsewhere. what part of OH are you from ?
  3. thanks for the quick response! I'm from Cleveland btw (Go Cavs). I was also aware of the guideline for brisket, I will use that as a guide for my flank steak. I know flank steak can sometimes be tough if not prepared on a hot grill, and thats why I'm a bit concerned that slow smoking may result in meat flavored gum. Anyways, its a gorgeous day today, and I need an excuse to go outside with a nice IPA and ring in the nice weather- if the steak comes out tender, juicy and smoky then thats icing on the cake.
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    well if your going similair to a brisket .... maybe taking it to a slooow 200 F smoke would be the answer. but hopefully someone w/ more exp. on this cut can help ya a lil more .

    I hope LBJ & the Cavs go all the way & stick it in the big market lakers face,lol. Then maybe LBJ will stay w/ the Cavs & build a dynasty. It'd be great for ohio to have a perennial contender other than the Buckeyes.

    O-H- .......
  5. Welcome to SMF!!!!!! Take a look around. This place is a great resource for all you meat smokin questions.
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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. Take advantage of the wealth of great info available here.
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    Welcome from another Ohioan and enjoy the forum. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question. Seems like using a probe and smoking to temp is probably the best bet though.
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    I haven't smoked a flank, but I've grilled a number of them. Use a thermometer, and it pull it off rare,or just a smidge past rare. Otherwise you'll be chewing on a boot.

    Welcome aboard, BTW.
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    How did she turn out??[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF. Hope the flank steak turns out good for you. I haven't done flank steak before.

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    Welcome to the SMF, how did your steak turn out?

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    Welcome aboard, I too am from Ohio and enjoying the warm weather. Can't help ya on the flank steak but wish ya lot's of luck. How about some qview if it's not to late.
  13. Welcome aboard!! Nice to have you around....
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    Welcome from Hawkeye country!
  15. It turned out as I expected... a bit on the tough side. I should've known to not smoke a flank steak- thats a tricky piece of meat to cook unless its at high temps. This coming weekend I want to try smoking a brisket, I'm sure I will have better results- I'll take it real sloooow.
    Here's a general smoking question- Do you guys have to blow on the coals to keep them hot from time to time? I guess it makes sense the coals will lose heat seeing as how the O2 is restricted from all the smoke and being encased in the smoker. I think a fireplace bellow may come in handy for my smoker, but I can't find anywhere that sells these. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong altogether if I have this problem.
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    Welcome to SMF. I have never had a problem with the coals getting cold. If the temp in the pit is dropping then I open the damper a bit more. Flank steak can be very good on the smoker. The biggest tip I can offer is alway remember to slice it across the grain. That will help it be more tender, since you don't have to bite through the long meat fibers.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums. This sounds like an air flow problem to me. Is your rig set up so that air can get underneath the coals? If not, your might want to mod some kind of basket/rack that is elevated a little. If air can't get underneath the coals, they can smother themselves out over time. Also check your dampers/vents to make sure there is proper air flow through the smoker. Hope this helps, and good luck![​IMG]

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