newbie needs smoker advice!

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by ikilldeer, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. ikilldeer

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    Hi all, i have been thinking about buying a smoker for some time, now i really want one.Im looking for some tips on starter smokers. going to lean towards propane since i think its easier to maintain temp and all that stuff but like i said, i am new to this so send me your tips and tricks and what kind you reccomend. I will be using it for summer sausage, brisket or ribs. id like to shoot for under $200. cant wait to hear your feedback!
  2. ikilldeer

    ikilldeer Newbie

  3. mazdaparts

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    I thought about it the same way you are.  Using gas for heat and not having to mess with wood or charcoal.  I read alot of reviews and did alot of searching.  I landed on the Masterbuilt XL smoker.  Its not bad out of the box, there are a ton of mods others have already tried.  And it was under $200.  It has alot of space inside and adjustable racks to make use of all that room.  And best of all it turns out some great food.  

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