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  1. So here is the "rub". I'm a novice at best, wife and I want to stretch the dollar. We thought, what if we smoke our own lunch meat, it would be cheaper than the deli guy and we would like own everythingredients that's in it plus I get to smoke more (I will admit the biggest reason to agree with my wife).

    I have no clue where to do. I assume I willc smoke a turkey, let it cool over night in fridge then slice. I need beef, so what cut of meat do I use or is this a novice question? Brisket is delicious but more on the expansive side, a roast? Never thought about smoking one, is it.possible....

    I'm looking for ideas and how to if anyone is out there and can help I would greatly appreciate it
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    Folks smoke and slice Beef Top Round, Eye Round and Top Sirloin all the time. They are lean and some of the least expensive cuts. They are best Med/Rare, Medium at most and with a slicer can be cut very thin to be tender. Pork Loins go on sale all the time and with some easy Brine Curing and Smoking can be Canadian Bacon or sliced paper thin make great Hammy Sandwiches. Yes, Turkey Breast, if you can find the really big ones, can be smoked, boned out and sliced or if you want to play, can take Meat Glue, Transglutaminase, and stick multiple smaller Turkey breast lobes together for a nice hunk more easily sliced. Same technique can be used with pieces of Pork for Boneless Hams...A Slicer is the KEY! Even with the best knives and a Pro's experienced hand, thin " Chips " is the best you can expect and with the less expensive cuts will be a bit tough.

    I personally don't care for the texture of Frozen then thawed cooked Lunch meats. So, If you are only going to smoke and eat a Pound or two per week, it will take some time to recover the initial investment and other than the satisfaction of knowing what went in your Sandwich and the Artisan Pride, it is probably cheaper to buy quality Cold Cuts. Now if you are feeding a house load of Teens, then you will see a ton of savings making your own...JJ
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    Here's my Step by Step "How To" of Smoking a Sirloin Tip, to make a lot of Awesome Rare Roast Beef Lunch Meat:

    Rare Roast Beef (Smoked for Sammies)                  


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