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  1. My new Traeger arrives tomorrow and I would like to smoke a couple of whole chickens Thursday.  Im just looking for any helpful tips or suggestions that might help me make them turn out great.  Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 
  2. waterinholebrew

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    I personally only do whole chickens two ways anymore, spatchcock & beer can ! I would do one of each, just my 2 cents ! I have a GMG pellet grill and they have turned out great on it !!
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  3. What is Spatchcock? I'm not familiar with it? Thanks for the replies!
  4. Of course I Google it and see what it is. Interesting technique. Will definitely give it a try. Hopefully the weather stays nice and I'll get some good pictures of my first smoke. Thanks again for the suggestions.
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    I purchased a Traeger about a month ago and have really enjoyed it. The biggest complaint I has was the Traeger pellets did not produce enough smoke flavor for my liking. I switched to cookin pellets hickory and added an a-mazn tube smoker and have seen a significant improvement in the smoke flavor. Good luck!
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    Either way I would prolly brine them. Its pretty simple and really helps with inside moisture.
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  7. On the subject of brining, I have tried it before and the chicken was WAY to salty. It was on a charcoal grill so it may be a different outcome in a smokerf. Any suggestions for a brine that comes out just right?
  8. My first real attempt at using my Traeger!   My little one has been in the hospital since it arrived and she will be home for easter so I will have many more to post after the weekend!!

  9. chef willie

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    No shortage of smoke there....nice job.....Willie

  10. Easter Chickens!
  11. waterinholebrew

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    Nice smoke, looks like they were coming along nice ! Hope your little girl is ok, keep us posted !
  12. Thanks Brew, she is doing wonderful.. Was able to have her back home for Easter!  I used the slaughterhouse brine and some of Traegers Chicken Rub and smoked with apple wood pellets.  I was pleased with the results, but would like more flavor in the meat.  May try to inject one next time.  Starting to get the fever for the smoke now, it's becoming my new obsession.......Thanks to everyone for all of the comments and suggestions!!
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    Great news about your little one ! Very good news !! I did a turkey Sat. with Slaughterhouse brine, that's some great stuff... Was your turkey store bought with the solution in it ? How long did ya brine ? Just wondering as the one I did was store bought & had to tweak the brine just a little from past experience ! Ya just mentioned more flavor, so just was wondering on how ya done the bird ?

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  14. The boss picked up two whole fryers from the store while I was at work, no solution I don't think.  TBH, I didn't really check to see if it had any solution to speak of.  They were fresh non frozen.  Brine was made using the exact recipe found here on SMF and chickens were completely submerged for just over 9 hours.  I set them out to warm up a bit and generously covered with chicken rub on the inside (against the actual breast meat) as well as on the outside of the skin.  Smoked at about 180 deg for 1 1/2 hours then raised the heat to 245 until internal temp reached 165.  I also basted near the end with a mix of light olive oil/chicken rub/minced garlic.  The skin was fantastic!  Just wished the meat was a little more flavorful.  Overall, very pleased with the result.
  15. waterinholebrew

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    Ah, chickens.... I said turkey... Just as I said done one Sat. so had turkey on the brain....LOL. All sounds good, the only thing I do different is I soak my birds for 18-24 hrs. In the same brine & smoke usually at 245-250* until an IT of about 155* in the breast then crank up the smoker to about 300* til an IT of 165-168* ... They have like ya said turned out great ... but they were really flavorful ! Maybe try brining for a little longer...:dunno. Hope maybe some of this may be of some help... Good luck & keep us posted on that little one !
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  16. Thanks for the information Brew.  I will definitely brine the next ones much longer.  My little one is doing fantastic!!  Thanks for the thoughts, I really appreciate it.
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    You could also buy pre-brined chicken from Costco where they do the rotisserie. I'm not sure if you can buy only one or if you have to buy by the case.
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