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  1. 43 male married with three children.Central Indiana. Just picked up a brinkman smoke-n-pit. Not my first smoker. But it is my first wood fired smoker.Reason I went with wood.. I have many many cords of it stacked up under roof for heating my house. I have maples,oaks,various species of hickory,locust, wild cherry, You name it.. With exception of fruit trees.
    I have been reading here pretty heavily for the past day. I see all these referrals to Dutchs' wonderful baked beans.. I am for sure going to have to try this... Surely this bean recipe is posted somewhere inside of the holy bible?
    I am going to smoke 6 pork loins next weekend for my sons graduation party. I am searching for how tos and how longs and such.
    I had a smoker many years back it was a LP gas vertical drum type..Hint.. Never believe your mom when she says it takes 16 hours to smoke a turkey..Anyone ever had turkey for breakfast?LOL
    Thanks for all of the wonderful post that you kind folks have put before me..
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    Ditto Dukes Beans. I did them for the first time Memorial Day & they were fantastic.

    I noticed you said you were going to "smoke 6 pork loins". I hope you really mean 6 boston butts not loins. Pork loins are much too lean for low & slow cooking. Butts OTOH, have enough fat to keep the meat from drying out during extending slow cooking. Also, butts are much more forgiving for your first time out with a new smoker. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time. Once those butts hit 195-200, you can wrap them in foil & towels & they will stay hot for several hours in a cooler. In fact, the meat will be much more tender & moist if you do let them rest for at least 2 hours in a cooler.
  4. Welcome to the SMF ............. Glad to see another IN smoker.
  5. I love to do pork loins on my smoker. I brine them in sugar and salt and they turn out great.

  6. Why buy bone?
    I use picnics and Butts when pulling but these are to be sliced. Thanks
  7. I wish to employ some of my home made maple syrup into either a brine or a soak.
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    Poor choice of wording on my part. I didn't mean to suggest that loins could not be smoked. I was thinking more along the lines of using a more forgiving cut of meat for the first time on a new smoker. Especially with the pressure of cooking for a large family gathering.
  9. Welcome from a fellow Hoosier.
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    Welcome to the family
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    Welcome from a fellow Hoosier!

    Remember to post the pics or it didn't happen!
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    Welcome aboard...Looking forward to some qview!

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