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Discussion in 'Beef' started by blackflag, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. I am smoking for 20 big eater adults and 8 kids.  How many pounds of meat (net) and how many gallons of slaw and beans do I need to make sure there is enough without sending anyone off with 5 pounds of extras?
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    We need more info. What meat are you cooking and how are you preparing it

    Rib are diffeent than pulled pork or brisket or sausage and what else are you serving with this food
  3. Sliced brisket and pulled pork for the meat.  Cole slaw and bbq baked beans for the sides.  There'll be bread, cookies, pickles and all, but those are the four main things I'm making.
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    Figure 1/3 lb meat ,pp after cooking . 3oz scoop of each side will give everyone a good meal . Then add acouple of lbs of each meat and some extra sides just in case someone is real hungry, drops a plate etc.
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    Black flag,if your big eaters are like mine,go for 1/2lb, each adult and the kiddos for 1//3lb.You may [​IMG]have some left but that's no biggie here[​IMG]they get eaten by ttthe end of the day[​IMG]

    As for the sides, a 4oz. portion for each is usually good[​IMG]

    Hope you have a great time and remember to...
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    Blackflag-Welcome to SMF-you have been given some great advice to you question.

    Please take a moment and stop by Roll Call and introduce youself to the masses that hang out here.

    Enjoy the smoke!
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    Look at this!!

     SoEzzys Planner has all you answers!!

  8. Awesome guys, thank you much for the advice.  Look forward to getting to know this site more once I survive this weekend.  Thanks again.
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    Sounds like you've got all the info. Good luck this weekend!

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