Newbie Here, Looking for suggestions on an Electric that will work well in the cold.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mag1, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all,  1st post, been searching some posts.  I need some guidance.  I'm looking for an electric smoker that will do well in Wisconsin.  Main use at 1st will be Venison Summer Sausage, 25-30lbs at a time if possible.  any recommendations for smokers that will work well in late fall/winter when it is cold out?  What is a typical $ to pay new?  I'm on a budget, and actually searching for a used one currently.  Any real good books I should get?  As always, time/$ is limited, so trying to figure this all out has been interesting.

    Thanks for any info/input.
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    For colder weather, you'll need an insulated cabinet and a relatively high output heating element of at least 800 watts.

    I've read some complaints on the Bradley not having enough punch to get up to a decent temp range for typical hot smoking (225*+) and they are rather spendy IMHO, so that would not be a good choice. The MES (masterbuilt electric smoker) would do much better and prices range from around $180 for the older generation MES 30" to around $400 for the stainless door with window on a newer generation MES 40". You can also get the 40" in the non-SS/window models.

    If you need info on recipes and processes for your sausage, check out the sausage forum...lots of members have posted their results:

    Not an electric user here, just passing on some of what I've read here over the years. Hopefully others with practical experience in electric smokers and sausage will see this and give you some additional recommendations and tips for the smokers they use.

    Best of luck on your quest!

    BTW, please drop by the ROLL CALL forum and introduce yourself so we can properly welcome you to the SMF family.

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  4. Thanks for the input.
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    I got an MES 30 for similar reasons as I live north of Boston. The MES 40 would be ideal. Try to get a Gen 1 if possible.
  6. Quick question, the MES 30 Analog that is currently on sale on Amazon ($140), is that the one I would want if I was on a strick budget to get started?  Does that one have insulation?


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