Newbie here...HELP NEEDED!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lsilber, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. lsilber

    lsilber Fire Starter

    Only the second time I have used the smoker. I am extremely confused.

    Digital thermometer laying next to brisket is reading 230-240, but the built in thermometer on top left of the smoker is reading close to 400.

    Smoking on Oklahoma joe offset smoker. I thought it would be reversed and the grill grate temp would be higher. Paola's are burning steady and oak logs are producing a nice little flame.

    I really hope it's cooking 230-240 and not 400.

  2. Don't hope find out. You need to do a boiling water and a ice water test and find out if your thermometer is correct.

    I see this is your first post. When yo get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome? It also helps if you add your location to your profile.

    Happy smoken.

  3. lsilber

    lsilber Fire Starter

    Done! Looking forward to reading the boards.
  4. Yeah, check your temp gauge ASAP.   I don't know why but you hear story after story about factory installed temp gauges being way off.

  5. bear55

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    Ditto what Gary and Mule says, it is of the utmost importance to have an accurate idea of the temps inside your smoker as well at the IT of the meat you are cooking.  I use a thermapen for checking the IT of the meat and a Maverick to keep a check on smoker temps.  Good luck. 
  6. lsilber

    lsilber Fire Starter

    I think I have a pretty good read right now. Internal temp is 150 after 3.5 hours and sitting between 215 and 240. Thanks fellas!
  7. lsilber

    lsilber Fire Starter

    I wrapped in foil at 165 and am now at 172 almost 5 hours in. Will I hit a stall at some point or should I already have?
  8. you are probably close to a stall.  Mine seem to stall right around 170-180.

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