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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by kansas49er, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. HI all,

    Just finishing up putting together my new gas gosm and ran into a little difficulty. One of the pinholes for the nameplate/tempgauge is filled with what looks like a pop rivet with a washer. How do I remove it? Thanks. Seems like a silly question, but not addressed in the manual.
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    I just bought mine a couple of weeks ago....that pop rivet should not already be on the pin...

    Try using a set of needle nose plyers to get it off the may come off if you pry it gently back and forth until it rocks off the pin...

    If you end up destroying it...head over to your local hardware store...take the good rivet you still have...and see if you can get something that will work...

    Good luck,
  3. Sorry, I didn;t explain myself well. THere is a pop rivet with a washer in the hole where the plate/temp plaque poin is supposed to go. THe hole is already filled with this pop rivet.
  4. Never mind. I got it. I just used the needle nosed pliers and destroyed the outer tube of the rivet, then pulled out with a screwdriver. All done!
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    Ohhh...gotcha. Well good luck anyways. Is this your first smoker? I found on this site a post that talked about seasoning the thing that was recommended was to spray the inside with PAM, or some other cheap spray cooking oil (similar to seasoning cast iron)...

    Have a great weekend,
  6. I've had an ECB for years, but not much use. Could never get it to work right. I've also got a homemade rig, from a guy that used to do catering. I've only used it twice. Way too big. So, wife got me the GOSM widebody from Wally World for Father's Day. Going to season it today. NOt sure when i get to fire it up for real.
  7. Fired that baby up at 7:40 pm. By 7:50 it was 350. Just checkied. NOw over 400. WIll let it soak for a few more minutes, then back down to 250 for another 30 minutes. Ought to clean it up and out, I'd thiunk
  8. smoke escaping out the sides of the door. hmmm.
  9. Seasoning time over. Ran for about 1 1/2 hours. Last 30 at 250 by included gauge, 250 give or take a few by the oven thermometer. Couldn;t get it any lower though. Even with upper vent all the way open and gas barely on, with control set on low. Of course, there was not meat inside, so maybe that will help. Anyway, going to let cool down, then clean out. Don;t know if I should coat inside with oil. NOt sure what good it would do, and worry about germs settling in. Anyody got the scoop? THanks

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