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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by trigger_cb, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. trigger_cb

    trigger_cb Newbie

    Hey everybody, my name is Chris and have been a lurking member for a couple of months. I still have yet to smoke anything. I haven't owned a smoker until this past weekend. Check out these two bad boys I picked up for $50 a piece. A used Charbroil Silver and a Weber One Touch Platinum. After a litle restoration and a couple of mods I can be up and smoking in no time. I have read plenty of threads on mods and smoking and am itchin to get going. SO I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefuly I will be posting some Q view real soon. Later!!!

  2. pineywoods

    pineywoods Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    Chris welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Congrats on the new smokers it won't be long and you'll have thin blue smoke coming out of them. Have fun and happy smoking
  3. irishteabear

    irishteabear Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to SMF, Chris. Glad you decided to join us. As you already know, there's a ton of great info here to read and lots of great people who love to share their knowledge. You'll be turning out great smoked food in no time. [​IMG]
  4. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Hello Chris and welcome to the SMF family. Glad you joined us. Congrats on your new rigs. You came to the right place. Lots of friendly people here.
  5. dutch

    dutch Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Chris, Welcome to SMF-we love it when a lurker decides to join the SMF family!! Looks like a good wire brush and some black hi-temp paint and you're good to go!! What shape are the rack in the Char-griller?
  6. wutang

    wutang Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Welcome aboard.
  7. grothe

    grothe Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to SMF Chris...nice ta have ya here!
  8. trigger_cb

    trigger_cb Newbie

    The grates are in pretty rough shape, I will definitely have to replace them. But I already have the brush and the hi-temp paint!
  9. alx

    alx Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome.I lurked for over a year-glad you joined / started posting.
  10. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    A big hello from the bunch[​IMG]
    Looks as if you scored an older heavy metal offset. Should be good for some time....[​IMG] And the Webber was a great deal from the looks of it.
    Have fun here on the forum and send lots of Q-view. We love it[​IMG]
  11. enterprise

    enterprise Fire Starter

    Welcome aboard I myself was a lurker and decided to join. Lots of goods stuff in here
  12. fishawn

    fishawn Smoking Fanatic

    Welcome from Olympia!....We are finally getting some nice weather outside around here. Have fun & keep us posted on your new toys.

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