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    Hi Guys

    Just thought I would introduce myself to you all at SMF. I am from the UK, Sunderland actually which is on the North East coast just down the road from Scotland (75 Miles). A coastline full of medieval castles, in fact St Peters Church in my town dates to 674 AD

    I am currently on a crusade to create a true north east UK and Scottish delicacy known as the "Savaloy". This is a smoked pork sausage that has long since been lost to the modern processing methods such as now having pink rubbery skins (deep fried in Scotland) or skins dyed with brown food colouring to look like they have been smoked. They are not smoked and now include smoke liquid or smoke powder to the seasoning to give its "Smokey Quality" ?????????? What a travesty. So I am hooked on Smoking, curing, Grilling and BBQ so I am hoping you guys can give me all the tips to be as good as yourselves.

    By the way I am coming to the American Royal in October for a week with my son, hes 30 now and got the BBQ bug. I am not a stranger to the US having worked there but I do not know KC MO at all. So If there are any of you kind people in Kansas City MO willing to show us around the best foodie joints or any comp teams ( we are doing the judges course) that could let us see from the inside I will gladly buy you a beer or three. We got a car so wont be leaning on anyone and will be stopping in Lees Summit.

    Thanks for looking and hopefully hear from you soon.
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    Hi Brian and welcome to the forum. There are probably more northerners on here now than us from down south - so you should feel right at home. Many years ago I used to work occasionally in Peterlee - probably not far from you. The worrying thing was that I could hardly understand anything that they said... It is quite a distinctive accent [​IMG].

    Looking forward to seeing the traditional Savaloy reserected as I think I have only ever eaten the plastic type from chip shops. Don't forget that we like to see lots of photos on here (unlike certain other forums) and look forward to seeing the savaloys being created.

    Danny (out tame Texan exile) will be in contact to welcome you to the group and if you can make it along to Woodhall Spa at the end of July you will be most welcome [​IMG]

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    Hi Wade that's Champion!!! me auld Marra ( Pit speak for friend),

    I'm going to give it my best shot! I will just see if i can book some days off from work. I work all weekends and Bank Holidays with my Job at the moment and they have to book cover in for me if I'm off so its not straight forward. The end of the month can be a nightmare with Legal Completions (New Build Development) so we will see.

    Why aye man canny ould patter out of Peterlee! Its 10 minutes down the road from me on the A19. Most Peterlee folk were from the collieries and "pitmatic" is a different language all together so I don't doubt you had problems. Lol!

    Fortunately I have 3 mates who are butchers in Sunderland and Birtley and have another mate who is a Meat Wholesaler so I have been well taught in the art of sausage making even had a course with the Northumbrian Sausage Company. There are only 2 makers of the "Traditional Savaloy" in our neck of the woods and i have seen these guys too and they are not "Smokin" just flavoring. My mother (86) remembers when they were smoked and prepared properly. All the butchers and Savaloy makers are eagerly awaiting my first batch to compare so pressure is on. Just finished the smoker & DIY cold smoke generator but what a bugger to get any decent wood up here!

    Pictures or even a vid will be in abundance!
  4. wade

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    You may want to give Smokewood a nudge - he may be able to help you out. He will also be at the meet.
  5. kiska95

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    Thanks Wade Just Pm'd him
  6. Well hello. Some fellow Brits.

    I'm not quite as Northern, having from Birmingham although I now live in Staffordshire. I'm quite well versed in the NEW as I was married to someone from across the river :devil:.

    I've never used a smoker before and have just had a ProQ arrive, which I intend to use this weekend :yahoo.

    I've visited many of the Southern States and fell in love with good bbq then. I'd never actually heard of smokers until recently, have just direct grilled like the majority of Brits.

    Apart from getting to grips with the new skill of smoking the only other main hurdle will be finding recipes for the other half as she's a vegetarian.
  7. smokin monkey

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    Hi resurrected, welcome to the "Family" and our addiction.

    Plenty of good guys on here with plenty of experience to help you.

    I see from another thread that Chef Jimmy has been on to help you. I thought your first cook seemed adventures.

    Smokin Monkey �
  8. Yes, I think you are right. I've settled now for chicken legs and thighs, plus I've bought a1.63kg pork shoulder joint as I couldn't get ribs anywhere.

    So, tomorrow will either be a great success or a train crash! Having just tried another try run on tge smoker and it only getting to about 220F, I suspect the later :wife:
  9. I used to go right by and sometimes through Lee's Summit all the time when I was married to my first wife who was from Boonville Mo. 

    I've been to England I think three times. Once was only to London, then I went to Manchester, rented a car and went up into Scotland and over into Northern Wales. Absolutely beautiful!

    Then the last trip was we flew into Gatwick and caught a train to Portsmouth and the ferry to Isle of Wight and stayed 9 days with a friend. 

    I would love to try bbq with some English oak and you do have some fantastic beef in your part of the world. Tell us about it. Also your temperature even in summer there is right nice for BBQing out doors. I absolutely love it in England.

    Edited to add: The trip where we flew into Manchester was to attend a wedding in Leicester. We stayed in a place called the Rothey Inn, or Rothly, can't remember how it was spelled now, it's been 16 years. Anyway all around the old Rothley, Rothly Inn were these big fat oaks about 4-6 feet in diameter. They were very beautiful and I always wondered what the smoke from that wood would smell like.
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