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  1. Hello everyone, been smoking everything that flies, swims, and walks for 25+ years, but after reading this forum for awhile now I still have a lot to learn(and it will be fun)!! Started by watching my dad and uncles, then ventured out on my own by building a smoker out of an old refrigerator. Started with the basics, jerky, dried venison, suckers, whitefish, trout, salmon, whole chickens. Then moved up to making sausage and beer sticks, smoked eggs, cheese. Then I built a barrel hog roaster with a rotisserie, and a large barrel grill, both are on trailers. I still have and use the original smoker and also have an Oklahoma Joe Highland, and a 22" Weber. I grill and smoke as often as I can(even at -20F). I am now passing on my knowledge to my 13 year old son, and now my 11 year old daughter wants to learn also!
  2. Welcome from a fellow Minnesotan.
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    Great to have you join us Big T BBQ, :welcome1: from a North Dakota neighbor!
    It is great your teaching your son the ropes, very admirable.
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    Welcome from central mn
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    Welcome! Great to have you here! Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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