Newbie from Idaho- zero skills with a Smoker grille build planned out of an old truck cab/front.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rumblon, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Hi, Im a newbie with almost zero smoking skills. I have a small electric smoker that was given to me.  I have smoked a few things on it like brisket, chicken, ribs ect. Thats about it

    I live on 175 acres in Idaho and am retired. I have been retired for three years and have been building out buildings and a shop on this property since the day I arrived.. 

    Currently I am planning an owner/ building home build on a 2 acre pond that we have here. In front of that home, near the pond I plan on a sitting area of flagstone, next to that a covered patio with a bar and just outside that a BBQ and a smoker.  This is why I ma here.

    I do nothing half A$$ed so I need to learn. My hobbies have always been cars and trucks and muscle car builds. Now that Im retired, no more expensive cars so Im going to build a rod or two.  I have acquired a couple of truck cabs and front clips, (DODGE) as I am a Mopar guy.

    I would like to turn the front clip of the truck into a grille and the cab into a smoker.  I know it may sound odd, but why not? Seriously, why not? I am hoping the cab can be conducive to a good smoking environment and need to learn if it can or not? I plan on building a barrel stove that will attach to the cab via the back of the cab via piping. I am also going to build the same stove for my greenhouse, so why not do a second. I see they make double barrel smoker kits, so why not make the cab a with grates,  hangers ect. The cabs seal up pretty well.

    That said I need a great site to learn how to build a smoker and the general needs so I can turn this into a good one.  The front clip has a hood that either side lifts up, so I can go a grille on it.  

    Here is a pic of the cabs and the front clips for my project, one has a title, so I will more than likely use the other one. I am guessing  the glass can handle the 200-250 temps but if not I can have some tempered glass made or weld metal in.  

    any thoughts?
  2. gearjammer

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    Hello and welcome to you.

    I'm very certain that you can build a smoker out of anything 

    if you want to do it bad enough.

    Jump right out into the build section, them folks will 

    help you out.

    I think the moderators are holding your picture until

    it's been checked out.

    Remember pictures are good things.


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