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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by flwc, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Hello, I am pretty new to smokoing meat but have tried several times. Sometimes good , sometimes not so much. I have a small barrel smoker w/ firebox (planning to build my own, just gathering materials) that I bought from Home Depot. It took a while to figure out how to get temps consistant but I am OK on that now. I have turned out some pretty good fish, mostly King fish & grouper but have had less success with other meats. Looking forward to learning from some of the masters here.
  2. danmcg

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    Welcome to the forums FLWC.
  3. richoso1

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    Thanks for the introduction, and welcome to the SMF. Read around the different forums and you'll be up to speed real soon. It's all good my friend.
  4. Welcome to SMF !! Glad you decided to join us.
    There are a lot of us Floridians here too! I live in Lecanto, near Crystal River. Where abouts do you live?

    Thomas [​IMG]
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    Welcome to smf... Be sure to try Jeff's free 5 day e-course.........Lots of good info.....You can click on it on this's over here....................
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    First off welcome to SMF Flwc. Another Floridian here jax area. You'll like it here cause there area alot of good people here that would just love to help you out with just about anything with smokin. The E-course would be a great idea for you it's free and very informative. It will show you the basics and give you an idea of what it takes to smoke stuff. Then just go out and find something to smoke an if you have any questions just post them here and we will help you. Then you go to the front page and you'll fine a post "for new members" and you'll find in there Photobucket it free again and easy to post pictures (Qview) Then you can show us what your smoking on and what your smoking. So now go get something to smoke.
    Welcome To The Addiction.
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    Welcome, Glad to have you with us. This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

    Be sure to check out Jeff's 5Day Smoking Basics eCourse, you can find it here it's "FREE"...5 Day e Course

    Everyone here enjoys seeing the qview so be sure to post plenty of pics.
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    Glad to have another FL in the mix. Where 'bouts are you from? Welcome from the East coast!
  9. welcome from another Floridian (Delray Beach).
  10. fire it up

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    Welcome FLWC.
    Stick with the site and you will be putting out great Q like a pro in no time.
  11. alx

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    Welcome to the Forum.The sunshine state is well represented with some fine smokers/fisherman etc....

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