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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by steinman, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. steinman

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    Greetings from Central Florida. Retired in 2012 from New England. Attended a few functions when I moved here and they had smoked ribs and pork butt. Needles to say I am hooked. Bought a Brinkman Trailmaster limited edition. Not new to grilling but smoking is something I want to learn. I have used my smoker with no issues but I am always looking for tips to make it a better experience.
  2. disco

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    Welcome from Canada, SteinMan.


    This is a great place to learn about smoking. There is a lot of information in the posts and great people who are generous in sharing their experiences.

    I look forward to seeing your posts.

  3. grillmonkey

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    Check this out: 


    Like mine, these are considered cheap offset smokers and really do need to be modified to work right. It will make it a lot easier and enjoyable to cook on, and will greatly improve your success. 
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    Welcome Steinman to the forum. I'm here in Palm Bay,FL. Not too far from you. I moved down from Mass.  Plenty of good info on here. Enjoy.
  5. Hello and welcome from East Texas

    Gary S
  6. Welcome from NJ!

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