Newbie challenge. BBQ rib contest.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smo-kingmamma, Jul 8, 2014.

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    I am a newbie to smoking meats but have been a mom for quite a while and love cooking to impress a hungry family.  Looking to smoke 'Texas stile' beef short ribs. I am entering a family BBQ contest this weekend.  My aunt from California will be in town and has instigated a bbq ribs contest.  She and her husband come to Wisconsin to visit the family but, what they really want is to sample Wisconsin beef.  Not sure what the definition to 'BBQ contest' is but, I am happy to make my dino ribs with a sugary dry rub introduced somewhere into the 4-6 hours of smoke time.  Low and slow.  We have a large family with several great home cooks.  My uncle's family owed a German restaurant in Milwaukee for several generations and he and his wife, my aunt hold secret recipes.  After much research and hearing so much good information, I have a plan that will hopefully rock some tastebuds. 
  2. Hello and welcome to SMF, good luck on the ribs, hope you knock it out of the park

    Gary S

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