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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokin limey, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Ok....maybe I am lazy for not trolling through the posts for these sorry in advance, but here goes!

    With the I need to fill the water pan or is the fatty Butt moist enough?

    What is the concensus (if there is one) on spraying...basting throughout the smoke? I have heard this may not be necessary with the MES

  2. bmudd14474

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    Note sure on a MES. But I have water in my pan on my GOSM. As for spraying I am for it. I think it adds a little to the bark.
  3. ronp

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    Yes, water in the pan it helps to maintain the temps of the smoker.

    You can sprits if you want, just don't do it too often and lose your temps.

    Good luck! Also post some qview.
  4. fire it up

    fire it up Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Take what Ron says to heart, the man knows his MES!

    Personally I like to spritz with apple juice (still want to try it with rum) every hour after the first two hours.
  5. gnubee

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    I have a MES which I use most of the time.
    All my smokers have some sort of water pan.

    All of your questions are answerable by either yes or no depending upon who you are talking to at the time.

    Some spritz, some mop some do neither. Some use the water pan with water, some use it for a heat sink with sterilized sand, some with beer, some with juice, some do not use it at all. All these different opinions are right. You just have to find the combination that suits you . Its all part of the art of smoking.

    Once you have the basics down its kind of a freeforall on what method you use. If I used a mustard coating on the meat then added the rub I will not spritz at all, if on the other hand I just used the rub alone I will spritz 1/2 way through. If I used worchestershire sauce to wet down the meat then put some rub on top of that I will spritz once only after an hour and a half into the smoke. There are many variables to this thing we call smoking. If you do spritz or mop its a good thing to hold off 1 1/2 hours to two hours so the bark will harden a bit thus will not be washed off.

    I personally use water in the pan in all my smokers, I believe it evens out the temps in the smoker. I cannot prove that, but I just think its so. I fill the pan right to the rim with boiling water, its very important to have it boiling so it doesn't take an eon for your smoker to come up to temp. It will then last usually throughout the entire smoke without needing a refill, unless you're doing an all night brisket in which case it will need one re-filling. I use a long nosed watering can for refilling. I once decided to move the smoker to a different location mid smoke. Incredibly bad idea, water slopped onto the element and the wood chips and ashes. It made thick billowing hot grey steamy smoke and totally ruined a whole load of meat. Just a heads up. You have to take the water pan out if your even just shifting the smoker.

    Oh and Don't worry about asking questions, a Whole lot of us enjoy the heck out of answering them myself included.

    The payment for answering your questions is of course qview and the hope that as you develop your skills you will pass them on to the next generation of GnuBees err make that Newbies....

    Lots of helpful stuff in this link for the newbies.
  6. Thanks guys.....and it is great that you make us all feel so comfortable here!
  7. richoso1

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    What Brian said works for me too.
  8. mballi3011

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    Yes to all your questions. Yes put water in your smokers water pan it will help keep the smoker temp more smooth and even. Then your butt is fattie enough but I would still spritz it after the first couple of hour cause you don't want to wash off the rub that to applied to the butt.
  9. pignit

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    This may be a defect in my MES but if I were to open the door to spritz every hour I'd never get anything smoked. I only spritz when I have to open the door for something else. Very slow recovery time even in the summer. The electric heat along with the moisture in the water pan keep a nice moist environment.... my method.... season with the flavor I'm wanting and forget the spritz unless I have to open the door or when I foil. I also like to use punch, apple juice... beer and water.. different things in the water pan. I just use water when I don't have anything else.
  10. Roger that! RonP turns out some mean lookin' que in the MES! He's the go to guy!
  11. grizandizz

    grizandizz Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    The Rum is good Fire!
    Last week I smoked 3 beer can chickens, drank the beer and added Rum, pineapple, orange and lime juice to the can plus used the remainder as a spritz.
    Mai Tai chicken![​IMG]
  12. Sometimes I like to use seven up and whiskey as a spritz. Good for the meat and the cook! There is something about that Limeon taste that helps.

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