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Discussion in 'Beef' started by swaynzworld, May 2, 2014.

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    I am hosting a Kentucky Derby party tomorrow and would like to make burnt ends and ribs on my Hasty Bake Continental.  I had the butcher trim the point which weighs about 3.35lbs.  If I am just cooking the point is a good guideline for cook time 1hr/lb?  Or should I be looking for internal temp of X?  I am planning on trying the 321 method for the ribs and since I don't have a ton of real estate on the lower rack of the HB I will be cooking the point on the top rack.  Is that going to increase cook time for the point?  If I am way of track please guide me since I am still very green when it comes to smoking.  

    Thanks for any and all help.  I have already learned a ton reading this forum.
  2. Hello.  Take that point to an IT of 195 then cut it up and do the burnt ends thing.  If you are crowding your smoker a bit then, yes more time must be allowed.  Usually we say 1 1/2 hr. per lb. but if crowded you may need even more time.  Remember you will be adding cold ribs to the smoker during the brisket smoke which will drop the temp.  If you are on a timetable I would use 2 hr. per lb. and then hope for the best.  I tend to smoke my briskets in the 325-350 range with no adverse effect to the final product but I wouldn't go that hot with the ribs.  This is a mix and match smoke.  You could smoke the point at higher temps and then lower the temp when you add the ribs.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!

  3. swaynzworld

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    Thank you Danny!  I will take your advice on upping the cook time and monitor IT closely and pray to the smoke gods.
  4. [​IMG]   A prayer to the GREAT SMOKING GODS is always a must do.  [​IMG]   Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  5. bruno994

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    Personally I would take the point to an IT of 205 or more, then cube, place in a foil pan, add more rub, sauce and au jus to the pan, mix thoroughly and back in the smoker for an hour covered, an hour uncovered to set the sauce, then enjoy.  The IT of the point is going to read higher than it actually is due to the fat content within the point (why you should never probe the point while cooking a full packer brisket), giving off readings, not to mention making the rendering of the fat a longer process just because of sheer quantity.    

    Good luck with your smoke and enjoy the Derby!
  6. Hello.  I MUST weigh in on this one again.  I don't do burnt ends and I KNOW bruno994 KNOWS his stuff.  If he says it is daylight at midnight you better go and check.  His is the better advice to follow!  Can't argue with another Texas boy with more experience on the subject.  Keep Smokin!

  7. bruno994

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    Too kind and too humble Danny, just offering my .02 on the burnt end question, but thanks for the kind words!  And sometimes when pulling an all nighter, there is daylight at, but that might just be the contents of my red solo cup talking!

    I first had burnt ends in, where else, but Kansas City about 8 years ago, loved them, the wife loved them and since I have been doing them, everyone who tries them loves them.  Typically at family get togethers, the burnt end pan empties first.  Not sure where you're from sWaynzWorld, but a sweet sauce on the ends goes great as a contrast to a salty and savory rub.  My suggestion for rub if you don't have an idea yet, would be a simple one, the basic ingredients to just about any rub on the market...4 parts brown or turbinado sugar, 4 parts black pepper, 4 parts kosher salt, with 1 part onion flakes or powder, 1 part granulated garlic, with a season to taste 1/2 part cayenne, chili powder, cumin and paprika.  
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    I am a good old Tulsa boy and thank you Bruno994 for the input!  So my plan of attack is this:  cook the point (because I that is all I have) to an IT of 205 then take off, cube, put in a foil pan, sprinkle some rub and sauce and stick it back on the smoker for 1 hour covered and then unconvered for another hour.  I made up a batch of Jeff's Rub last night I also have some Hasty Bake brand rub.  I was going to use the Jeff's Rub on my ribs and the Hasty Bake rub on the brisket point.  Does anyone see an issue with using cherry wood?  

    Thanks everyone for the direction and I will be sure to take pics and update as it goes.  

    This smoking thing is going to take some practice.  I am looking forward to my red solo cup!

  9. bruno994

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    Sounds like a plan!  Nothing wrong with cherry wood at all, will give them both a nice color.  Make sure and get some of the au jus in the pan with the ends, really helps with moisture.
  10. dougmays

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    In my experience the point cooks surprisingly fast when separated from the flat. The last one i did separated the 2-3lb point cooked in less then 3 hours. So as the guys said about watch the IT

    Good luck!
  11. geerock

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    Great advice on the burnt ends. As for the careful with 3 2 1. Its not uncommon for ribs to finish much earlier. Use it as a basic guideline and when you wrap use a bit of apple juice, some honey, brown sugar, squeeze butter, and then balance it out with some type of spicey sauce (tiger sauce is a favorite). Best of luck.
  12. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    agreed....321 and 221 are the max times!
  13. swaynzworld

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    Thanks everyone for the advice.  I will tell you how it went.

    I was dead set in abiding by the 3 2 1 rule with the ribs and they were finished much earlier.  I did wrap them with the brown sugar, honey, butter and tiger sauce and the flavor was amazing!  I also used Jeff's Rub.  They were actually done after the 3 2.  I never made it to the 1 because they were falling off the bone.


    The burnt ends were salvaged but I think I could have done better.  I must have cooked the point too long because the meat became a bit mushy.  I was able to get it cubed and put it back on the smoker with sauce a bit more rub and they firmed up and were edible.  I believe there was only one left after the party.  

    This picture is after I unwrapped the ribs and threw them back on for about 15 minutes before I decided that they had had enough.

    Thanks again for all the advice.  I can't wait to try it again!


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