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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by carolinasmoke, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Started making some hinges, Got the hinges bent and ready to put into place.

  2. And welded the hinges into place being careful to keep everything square so they don't bind up when opening.

  3. One more thing, we've changed the design for the spring assist on the door and since I don't want to give away the surprise just yet, I'll just say the following:
    I've read through ALOT of build threads and have yet to see this design being used so stay tuned for more on the door assist.
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  4. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    This is a cool looking build you have going. Keep the photos rolling in.
  5. Very Cool,  more pictures

  6. I'm in
  7. You have us on pins and needles

  8. I'm days away from starting my build and holding my breath [​IMG]

  9. jweller

    jweller Fire Starter

    I started to think about this a little bit. Are you using a torsion spring? because something like this would be pretty slick.

  10. That would be pretty cool however I'm not sure if those would be able to raise the weight of the single door unless I used 6-8 of them, and my goal is to maintain a streamlined appearance.
    Be patient and subscribe to this thread as you won't want to miss a thing.
  11. Made a little progress today and made some handles for the cook chamber

  12. Finished handles.

  13. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Handles are nice... Keep the photos rolling👍
  14. Ok guys the spring assist is installed! Let's see if we can get some guesses as to what it might be!

  15. uga fan

    uga fan Smoke Blower

    I was thinking u may install an electric/battery powered motor geared so that when activated it pulled on a steel cable opening the lid. Kinda like a garage door opener would work. Which would would be cool to open the cooker lid with a key fob remote!!
  16. radioguy

    radioguy Smoking Fanatic

    Jack-in the Box ????

    Waiting for the big reveal


  17. uga fan

    uga fan Smoke Blower

    Jack n the the box.. Lmao
  18. Alright everybody, here is what we came up with for the spring assist. We ended up using a pair of hood springs from a Chevy truck. JW and I searched and searched and couldnt find anything similar to this design. It's actually pretty simple but UGAFan has something with his remote controlled garage door design!

    This design has been a lot of fun. The springs really take a lot of the weight from the door. You can literally open and close this 80 lb door with one hand now! Stayed tuned for more updates!
  19. I like it, pretty neat,  thinking outside the box, that's what make this forum so unique.  Five  ***** !!!!

  20. radioguy

    radioguy Smoking Fanatic

    That is great, love it !!

    Points for being so innovative.  Never thought about those compact hood springs....mmmm got me thinking about my door.

    Hope the heat doesn't weaken them too much.  If so you'll have to do a tune up every 5000 smokes or so.

    Keep up the build....almost there!!!


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