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  1. Have a calculating smoke chamber for a reverse flow.  Do you calculate the area of the raw tank or the area after the baffle has been put in.  It can have an effect on the size of the fire box and all openings  I've found a chamber(semi fuel tank) 48 x 24  Bigger than the patio size I wanted but oh well  Because it is so long, I'd like to put as small a fire box as possible Have a 16 x 34 air compressor tank but if I can get away with it, I'd like to go smaller.  Hence the reason for my original question.  So's been fun.  Learning welding as I go along  Welds aren't pretty but will hold.  Getting better
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    When you have a chance, please jump over to the Roll Call section, introduce yourself and you can get a proper SMF welcome.

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    What Curt said.................

    The calculator uses the tank dimensions to determine the FB size.

  4. Ok..learning this web page..  Sent a PM to Scarbelly for help , so this may duplicate.  I started out with a semi fuel tank for the chamber but wanted something smaller so cut it down to 24 x 29(great size)  I have an air compressor tank fo the firebox that will be cut down to 16 x 22 according to www.feldoncentral/bbqcalculator.html   Feldon indicated I will need a FB to chamber opening of 35.39 cu in.  Ok..what I can't find any info on is the height of the baffle in the SC and the size of the opening at the end of the baffle.  I'm guessing that the bottom of SC to baffle area   and opening should be appprox the same cu in as 35.39. do you measure that if I'm right
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    I have seen different answers for this but when we built ours I used the area of the opening between the firebox and smoke chamber for the size of the opening at the end of the RF plate. As for where to place the RF plate, put it right above your opening from the firebox into the smoke chamber. As for measuring it, I used an ellipse calculator.

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