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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by kchad917, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. kchad917

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    Received a masterbuilt dual fuel 2 door smoker this weekend and decided I wanted to use it the day after. I did read to place a cast iron pan in for the chips. Problem is, wet chips wouldn't smoke at all and dry chips would only smoke at 250 f, is it possible to produce smoke at 225f?. The smoker held tempature perfect and the ribs and chicken turned out perfect. Only problem was the no smoke at low temp. I have to get a internal thermometer, before I jump to conclusions but I thought I would just ask
  2. caliperson

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    I'm new at this but since no one else answered yet: Is your wood holder in the right place?  I didn't have mine exactly in the correct location the first time I used it, and I wasn't getting any smoke, because it wasn't close enough to the heater.   I did a smoke at 200F last week and it was making smoke at that temp in my electric (different brand). 
  3. Welcome to the site, glad you joined us.  My only thought about your question, is the cast iron pan may be the problem.   Try running it with the stock chip pan and see what happens.
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  4. kchad917

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    Hey guys sorry got busy, I did try the stock pan and the flares up were horrible, I guess that's why people use the cast iron, like I said it would smoke at 250 on the OE thermometer, but that could also be 15 degrees off, I'm buying a digital tomorrow along with some chunks, I wanna do a brisket this weekend and don't wanna Ruin it
  5. kchad917

    kchad917 Newbie

    This is the set up I have now
  6. Chunks in the stock pan might not catch fire.  You can also make a pouch out of tin foil for the chips, make a few slashes on top, it'll stop them from bursting into flames.  I can't tell from the picture but is there a way to move the cast iron pan closer to the burner.
  7. smokeymose

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    I filled the factory pan with lava rock and sat the cast pan on top. Soaked the chips at least 1 hour. A good handful lasts about a 1/2 hour & you get good smoke. If you have a serious glove you can pull the pan and add chips pretty quick. Be advised, the factory wood pan is going to disintegrate fairly quickly.....
  8. kchad917

    kchad917 Newbie

    At what temp is yours making smoke, like I said mine will make it at 240-250 but I don't know if the factory gauge might be off, I'm gonna grab a digital this weekend
  9. smokeymose

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    Go ahead and grab 2 if you can, one for the chamber and one for the meat. Those factory therms are almost always off, plus they are at one height and your temps will vary some from top to bottom. I always had to struggle to keep the temps any lower than 250 with the gasser. At the lowest flame I could get without it blowing out I got smoke, though.

    I'm doing past tense because I got an offset stick burner this spring and only use the MB for sausage, bacon and cheese with a mailbox/hotplate setup. Haven't had the propane hooked up this year at all. Other than being difficult to keep the temps down, it's a good smoker, I just wanted to get into the woodburner thing :)

    Have fun with it!

  10. sqwib

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    I had that issue with my old GOSM

    Plus you can nip about a half inch off the bottom of the wire rack that holds the cast iron pan for low temp smoking and raise with turnbuckle nuts when cooking higher temps, if you have a tap and die set you can thread the bottom of the legs after cutting and screw on the turnbuckle nuts.

    First try chunks before any permanent mods.



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