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  1. smeggedup

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    hi all

    my question relates to brick smokers

    i've got  almost a full pallet of the 3 holed uk bricks

    will these be suitable for a smoker build or would i require fire/oven bricks ?

    next question relates to the air inlet (using charcoal) what size holes would i need to provide adequate intake

    should mention the smoker will be about 5ft tall and 1-2 square
  2. the bricks will work great. not sure as to size of intake holes.

  3. daveomak

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    You could put 3 bricks on their side near the bottom course and 6 on their side near the top course....   in an UDS, one 3/4" hole is all that is needed for air intake using charcoal...  then you could plug a few intakes as needed..... I would leave all the holes open in the top of the smoker though....     Dave
  4. roger shoaf

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    How the bricks are going to act in the heat is the question.  Regular brick might tend to trap a bit of moisture and when heated, the moisture turns to steam and blows little bits of brick around.  You might be OK if the fire wasn't too hot.
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  6. roger shoaf

    roger shoaf Fire Starter

    OK, I read the thread and a couple of things come to mind.  First off, Wes is a master mason and he used fire brick to line the fire box.  (I am not a mason nor an expert.)  

    If I was going to do such a project I would consult with a mason that knew his stuff.  If you go through all the work and you have a fundamental

    problem with the design and materials at the core of the project, then that makes it tough to fix after the fact.

    With that said I am a die hard DIYer so I know what it is like.  One idea would be to first fabricate the smoker with the idea of function being the first priority, and then build a brick shell house that would give the aesthetics of the traditional brick inferno.  Then you could have the smoker itself on wheels and roll it up to the back of the wall and then attach the doors.

    The advantages I see are several.  You would only need DIY level masonry skills.  You could modify the smoker at any time (like adding steam injection, or any of a variety of things) and do so easily.  You could load the sucker into a truck and take it somewhere to be steam cleaned.  
  7. i still say it will work great. IF YOU BUILD IT YOU WILL HAVE GREAT Q. oh that's not the way it went' build it you will love it.

    happy smoken.

  8. wes w

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    Here is my  smoker I built last year.  Firebrick lined.   Read all the way through the thread.  I added useful info as I learn it.   Once I figured how it wanted to smoke, it smoked flawless .

    If you have questions that aren't answered in the thread, post it in my build thread for others to learn and I will answer it.

    Good luck and enjoy

    I fired it the next day, it was awesome!  Smoke and snow.  Beautiful

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