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    Hi, I am a 58 y/o female from Pawnee, Oklahoma. We just recently purchased a 40 inch Masterbuilt electric smoker. We have used it about 1 time a week for the last month. I love smoked pork.  I have used mesquite and apple wood chips. We last smoked a slab of ribs and a partially frozen turkey breast with the apple chips and it was quite tasty. A friend told me to keep the turkey partially frozen to increase the moistness in the meat. I have a lot to learn about temperatures, time, and smoking in general. Wanted to join this forum so I can learn from other smokers.
  2. [​IMG]   Welcome .. and stay safe down there I hear the tornado's are pretty bad this year .. my son lives down there ..
    I am pretty new also .. I just use the search bar a lot to find things .. If I have a question I don't know about I will then ask ..
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    Thank You Rita McD and Jrod62. I am working tonight, but usually work the day shift. We have a barbacue place here in Ponca City called "Head Country" awesome ribs and smoked turkey. They have a rub they sell, I want to learn more about rubs.
  5. Welcome! [​IMG]
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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF 

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