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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jjjonz, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. jjjonz

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    I just got the 30 inch gen ll and tried a cook today. I put 4 chicken thighs....baked beans and baked mac and cheese in the smoker .I did have a  aluminum pan with a rack that  the chicken was on. I used a homemade  a-maz-n smoker with mesquite pellets....worked great. I have used it before on other smokers...... I cooked for 2 hours with the exhaust vent fully open and smoked most of the time.....The beans ,mac and cheese was good, but the chicken had a creosote taste. Can't figure out what went wrong. I'd appreciate any help.
  2. ctonello

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    Sounds like an airflow issue. The stale smoke was most likely trapped inside. Not sure how that happened with the exhaust open but I think that is the most common issue.
  3. hambone1950

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    Mesquite can be intense , maybe try a milder wood next time. Apple or cherry ...maybe even a chunk of oak or maple.
  4. If there was a Creosote taste to it then your wood burned too hot too fast and you probably were getting thick white smoke instead of a thin stream of blue smoke (which is what you want).   Mesquite can also be very strong and in my opinion too strong for a delicate bird like chicken.  I use Pecan, Cherry, Apple, Almond and sometimes mix those with a little hickory or oak.  

    Don't overload with wood......that can also be an issue. 

  5. jjjonz

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    Thanks fellas.....I give it another try with some milder wood.
  6. Ditto on the pecan and apple .Stay away from Mesquite unless you are mixing a very small amount with some of the more mild wood .Generally the fruit woods are the mild ones .

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