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Discussion in 'Pork' started by sully45, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. I have been reading as a guest for the past week. I have learned so much this week from this forum, that I figured it would be a shame not to join. Since I am doing baby back ribs tomorrow, I wanted to get more info on prepping them. I have the rub ready, but would like to know what to do with the ribs after I rub them. Do I just place them in the fridge uncovered or covered? Do I need to set them out for some time before I put them in the smoker or just straight from the fridge to the smoker? Should I let the smoker warm up before placing them on the smoker? Keep in mind this is an electric Brinkman smoker.


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    Hey Sully, personally I just rub down my ribs before going in the smoker as it's warming up.... Some rub down the night before & I have done this as well... I personally seen no difference between the night before & as the smoker is warming up ! Everyone has their own opinion on this, that is just my 2 cents ! If ya do rub the night before, I would wrap them in some plastic wrap ! I let my ribs sit on the counter for no more than 20 min. just as the smoker comes to temp.... Now, I do not have your type smoker so maybe someone can chime in here that has it but as far as prep, that is my 2 cents ! Hope this is of some help to ya ! Good luck and post some pics.... We really like Q View of your food & smoker ! Thumbs Up
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    What temp ya smoking them ribs at ?
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    Hi Sully

    There will be almost as many variations of cooking ribs as there are members here however most will follow similar general principles. You asked a couple of specific questions about prepping...

    If the ribs still has the membrane on then most here would take it off before applying the rub 

    Once the rub has been applied, before I bought a vacuum packer I would wrap them in clingfilm (food wrap) and then either place it in a plastic bag or in a dish in the fridge overnight. The salt in the rub will draw out moisture and if it is not contained it will leak out into the fridge. These days I simply vac pack them before putting in the fridge.

    The ribs are relatively thin so you don't need to let them warm before putting them in the smoker however the cooler they are the more work the smoker has to do. I put mine in cold.

    Yes, let the smoker get up to temperature before putting them in. This should not take long in the Brinkman.

    I hope it goes well [​IMG]
  5. Actually, I'm not sure. I don't know what temp this smoker gets up to. I need to check sometime.
  6. Well, the ribs are done and in my belly. I used the 2, 2, 1 method. They turned out awesome!


    On the smoker:

    After 5 hrs:

    The aftermath:

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