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  1. Hello to everyone, name is Chris.

    Lover of all types of food here and I've always wanted to get into smoking.  I received a masterbuilt dual fuel pro smoker this past Christmas.  I've been researching on times/brines/rub/etc and everything points me to this site.  So, after about a month of lurking, here I am [​IMG]

    I had my first test run a few weeks ago with chicken.  Didn't turn out that bad.  Brined it overnight and smoked it for ~4hrs w/ hickory chunks.  I ran into the typical problems with this smoker that I've seen mentioned on the site.  It was also 35 degrees out, 30 mph winds and raining...oh well.   My next plan is to go the cast iron skillet route and possibly move the water tray.  

    Just wanted to say hi to all.  Can't wait to hear from you and share in the fun!

    Trying round 2 this weekend with a pork butt!
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    Welcome Chris!!

    Glad to have you here---A lot of Great Smokers here from MN !!!

  3. Hey Chris, Good evening and Welcome, You didn't sound to happy with your chicken ? tell what you think was wrong. Let us know how your pork butt turns out.

    Gary S
  4.  Thanks for the welcome!
    The chicken itself was good!  Skin was a tad rubbery but I think that was because I had to finish it in the oven due to time constraints (it was crispy when I pulled it out of the smoker).  I stuck it in the oven quick just to get it up to temp, children were getting hungry.  I had a really hard time keeping temp in that weather.  

    Hopefully it will be a lot milder this weekend and I won't have temp problems.  Any tips will be welcome!  I'll definitely let you all know how the butt goes. 
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    Glad you joined us Chris, :welcome1: from North Dakota!
    Any chicken finished at smoker temps the skin will be rubbery, finish on a grill and it will be much better.
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