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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by cterry234, Aug 28, 2015.

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    Hi everyone. My name is Chris and I've been struggling with BBQ for a little over a year. About 2 years ago at a wedding I had the best pulled pork in my life and haven't tasted anything like it since. So I took up smoking meat and have been trying to make something as good as that pulled pork was.

    I'm in northern California, USA, and have a 40" Masterbuilt propane smoker:

    One question I have about this smoker for those who are familiar: On low, the smoker hits a little over 300 degrees. Is this normal? I end up adjusting it between High and off to keep the temperature down.

    I've tried 3-2-1 ribs, ended up dry. I've made several pulled porks and they never seem to have any juice. Friends/family say they like it, but I don't want "like," I want orgasm in your mouth good.

    Anyways, attempting 3-2-1 ribs again this weekend, any tips and tricks are very welcome!  Thanks!
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    I have made some pretty darn good ribs. They are tender and tasty. I don't do the 3-2-1 stuff. I just hit them with some rub, throw them in the smoker, then ignore them for about 6 hours. The best I have made so far was just a sprinkling of seasoned salt for rub. Then smoke.

    I have had good luck with the pulled pork too. It comes out extremely tender. I hit it with rub, throw it on the smoker at about 225 until it stalls, kind of like brisket. Then I wrap it in foil and up the temp about 20° and cook to 200° internal temp. Let it sit for about ½ an hour and rest, then pull.

    My main trouble is getting good smoky flavor. It's usually just a good roasting. Not much smoke. Today I am adding more wood to the coals to see if that helps.

    Happy smoking!
  3. cterry234

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    Thanks Ivanstein.

    I have trouble with getting the real smokey flavor as well. I'm working with an apartment patio (with some very understanding neighbors) so maybe I've been too cautious with the amount of wood I add. I'll see smoke for a good hour or so, but maybe it's not enough smoke? More wood at once = higher concentration of smoke = more smokey flavor? Is it better to smoke longer or smoke more?

    Also, given my smoker doesn't stay at 225 unless I have it dialed between high and off (not in the normal temp adjustment area, can provide pics or video if that's not clear), it is already extremely difficult to keep at 225 degrees. More wood, more fire, more heat, even harder to keep at the right temp.

    I was using a Charbroil SRG for a while, which I found out is terrible for smoking. My hopes for the Masterbuilt smoker was it would make managing temp easier. But since the lowest setting keeps it at 325, I'm really not sure what to do.

    Anyone else using propane smokers that have a setting that allows temps in the 225 degree range?
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