New Years Eve Q-View

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dwolfpak, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Its a bit chilly out, currently 14 F (Bellow 0 with the wind chill) but I got me some Q-View for You!!!

    Ribs for dinner tonight, and a couple briskets for family get together tomorrow...

    [​IMG]    Can't wait till dinner...  This is my first go at the ribs.  
  2. bear55

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    Looking great so far.
  3. red dog

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    Wow! M are gonna be good! [​IMG]
  4. b-one

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    Way to fill up that smoker!! Looks great!!
  5. Nice  Looks Great, good job and keep us posted

  6. Well, first time trying ribs.  EPIC FAIL!!!

    I followed Jeff's 3-2-1 Method, plus  adding the "Advanced Steps" i.e. Brown Sugar, Rub, and butter; foil wrapped for phase 2.

    They where on target at the wrap, but came out like this after the wrap.  Had a tough time regulating the temp with the cold and wind.  Or perhaps they where to close to the heat source.  My ambient (BBQ) probe is in-between the brisket and ribs.  2 slabs came out crispy critters, the third I got maybe 3-5 oz of good meat after peeling the bark.

    Any thoughts?  I've done lots of pork butts and a couple briskets that came out perfect.  Not sure where I went wrong with these.

  7. domerskee

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    Looks like you were right on the too close or too hot point. Best investment I've made after my smoker was a Maverick thermometer. On the upside you learned about your unit and I'd bet you could salvage some of that meat to chop up into some beans or other recipes. Keep your chin up, hope the briskest were still good.
  8. From the picture, looks like that maybe you had a lot of sugar in your rub, and no moisture and high heat 

  9. Hey Gary, you could be right...  the bark was nice and sweet.  Kinda carmely.  I used Jeff's rub, and the same measurements from this ADVANCED 3 2 1 Method of Jeff's:

    "The Advanced 3-2-1 Method

    This is the exactly the same as the regular 3-2-1 method except for the fact that we are going to add a few things into the foil in step 2 just before wrapping it all up and putting it back into the smoker.

    This is the method I am showing you today and was first introduced to me somewhat by Johnny Trigg on the Barbecue Pitmasters show on TLC. I am simply taking his method very loosely and making it my own.

    Now, let’s get started making these smoked pork spare ribs!

    Place the ribs directly on the grate, bone side down for step 1.

    Just maintain the heat for 3 hours and keep the smoke going during this time.

    I don’t mop, baste or even open the lid during this first stage.

    Once 3 hours is up, on a large flat surface, lay out a large piece of foil about 36 inches long and 18 inches wide.

    Now sprinkle 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of my rub (purchase recipe here), and about 4 pats of softened butter onto the center of the foil in an area roughly the same size as a rack of the ribs.


    Lay the rack of ribs, meat side down, onto this bed of ingredients.


    Now, wrap the foil around the ribs carefully so as to not puncture or tear the foil. I fold in the ends first and then the sides but I’m not sure that part matters as long as they are wrapped good.

    Tear off another piece of foil of the same size and wrap the ribs in another layer making sure NOT to flip the ribs over. The meat side should remain facing down on top of the brown sugar, rub, etc.


    Perform this wrapping operation on every rack of ribs that you have and place them back on the grate of the smoker for about 2 hours at 225 degrees. (smoke is not required during this step)

    At the end of 2 hours, remove the wrapped ribs from the smoker and carefully unwrap them. You may want to save the juices that have collected on the inside so open them without tearing the foil if possible.

    I poured the juices into a cup and saved it for later use. You might even consider basting the ribs with it during the last stage if you so desire. These tasty juices need to be used for something..."

    I was liberal with the butter...  but I'm thinking it was already getting "Dry" at the end of the first 3 hours to add any additional juice to the "Sauce".
  10. On the good side, the brisket turned out perfect...  Sadly no pics.  I forgot to grab some before we got digging in...

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