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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by littlt, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. I'm new to smokin' & new to this forum!  About 5 years ago, I moved from Texas to Minnesota and have really missed havin good bbq joints within spittin distance from just about anywhere.  I especially miss really good brisket.  ...soooo, when my boyfriend decided to take up welding and bought a welder and a plasma cutter, then asked me for a project idea, guess what I suggested...a new smoker!  So, many hours and a lotta elbow grease later (yes, his project became OUR project), I'm just getting started familiarizing myself with my new tool and learning the art of smoking.  I fancy myself a pretty decent cook and am pretty good with a gas grill, but grillin' is an entirely different (and much easier) skill than smokin' least for me.  My first attempt was with ribs and, while eventually they ended up decent, they were far from what I would call a real success.  Edible does not qualify as success!  Yesterday, however, I tried my hand at my very first brisket and, while I do think there is ample room for improvement, I dare say it was pretty darned yummy!  This is my first post, but I'll try and see if I can get some pics in here too.

    My smoker



    Happy cook with vittles



    Just wanted to share & say hello!  I'll be around lookin' for tips and enjoyin' everybody else's successes and mouthwatering pics!  :) 

    Thanks for a really great and amazingly active forum!  Great folks and great info from what I've seen so far and tons more to explore!

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    I feel funny welcoming you since I am very new here too.  But Welcome anyway!

    I too moved from Texas, but to Maryland with a stop in St. Louis.  The bbq in Texas and St. Louis was phenomenal, but here in Maryland not so much.  Like you, I am giving a go at recreating what I could get in TX.  It's a ton of fun.  BTW, if you are in need of good dried chiles, try Pendery's online  They are Dallas-based, and I have not found better dried chiles.  Their smoked serranos are heavenly.

    But I mainly want to say that I am really impressed with your smoker.  That thing is a work of art.  It's amazing that you say your boyfriend is new at welding.  I might just ask to commission my own piece of art, as well as a nice brisket!

    Keep smokin'!
  3. Welcome to SMF LittlT!! First, You did an excellant job with the Brisket. From what I can see you have a real good smoke ring and it does look quite moist. Great Qview and keep up the good work.  Second, Your Boyfriend has some skill with the Plasma and Welder.
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    Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. Looks like a great build on the smoker and the brisket looks tasty too. You'll find lots of good info here and some great recipes too. You'll also find lots of people willing to answer questions when you have them. Have fun and happy smoking
  5. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF, and thanks for the introduction, Thanks for sharing those pics of a good looking smoker you've built. It's all good my friend.
  6. meateater

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    Awesome welcome post!  I think you will fit right in. [​IMG]
  7. 5lakes

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    Welcome from another Minnesotan! Great looking brisket. I'm going to have to try one soon. Hope you have a lot of fun here.
  8. eman

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     Texas q in minnesota, Hmmmm, what are the neighbors going to think?

     I bet y'all will be making alot of new friends shortly.
  9. rdknb

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    Welcome to SMF it is a great place with great people, that is a fine looking smoker you all built , brisket looks good bet it tasted same
  10. Well thanks so much for the warm welcome!  ...and I passed on compliments to the man on the smoker!  All very much appreciated by both of us!  I'm sooo lookin forward to my next smoke and my head is fillin with tons of ideas from all of you here!  Thanks again for that!  [​IMG]
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     First off welcome Little T to SMF. You'll like it here cause there are alot of really good folks that would just love to help you with anything to do with smoking. Now we like having new folks here to give a new prospective on some of the ways we do things around here. Now if you are really new then I would suggest that you sign up fir the 5-day E-course it free and it will give you the basics on smoking and a few recipes too. Here's a link to it:

    then you will have a method to your newly found madness and believe me it will be a madness. Then when you start smoking things you will have to learn how to post the pictures / Qview 

    here. So here's a link to a tutorial on how to post your Qview so we can see what your doing.

    Now the next thing you have to do is run out and get something to smoke. Then just smoke it and if you have any questions just post  them here and we will answer all your questions that you might have. Oh yea there's no stupid questions we were all there in the beginning and we just really like to help others enjoy the fabulous smoked foods that we do. So again


    Welcome to Your New Addiction
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    Welcome to SMF friend. It looks like your going to be an awesome addition.
  13. dick foster

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    Nice on both the smoker and the cookin.

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