New WSM Owner - Round #2

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  1. I received my WSM on Wednesday evening and broke it in with a spatchcock chicken.  I didn't learn it was in until Wednesday evening so that entire effort was hastily arranged.  You can read about that here:

    So today I hope to improve on the process.  Trying a few things differently:

    Lump instead of briquets.  Hoping to run a little hotter than it did on Wednesday.

    Also I picked up a pair of birds from Costco and brined them for 12 hours and plan to try a couple of my brother in laws rubs.  Wednesday's bird was moist but somewhat bland for my taste.  Hoping to keep it moist but add some flavor.  Also the skin was a bit rubbery.

    As many threads that I have read that talk about the lid thermometer reading high,  it didn't occur to me on Wednesday that I was probably cooking at a lower temp then I thought.  The lid thermo read around 300 most of the cook.  I am thinking that might by why it took 3 hours (when most I read take around 1) and why the skin was rubbery.

    The birds are on and I am having a weird anomaly with the two thermometers I have.  The lid continues to read around 300 but the one I have stuck thru the port is reading 400.  So I am really out of sync on this one.

    Plus it is overcast and slightly drizzling...

    I did order a Maverick ET-733 so hopefully my readings will be more accurate for future cooks.

    Right now I have all vents wide open.

    Wish me luck.

  2. Well the temp finally settled at 325 on the lid thermometer and 375 on the thermometer in the port.

    The bird with the internal probe hit an IT of 165 after about 90 minutes so it was definitely a faster hotter cook.

    I flipped the both birds skin side down and put the grate on the charcoal ring for a few minutes to crisp up the skin.

    Now they are off and resting and I will give them a try in a few minutes.


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