New WSM 22.5 - First IMPS #130 Beef Chuck Short Ribs

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    Finally got around to smoking some beef short ribs on my new WSM last weekend. Beef ribs come mainly in two IMPS cuts, the #130 are the chuck ribs, above the brisket area. They are ribs 2-5 and come 4 ribs to a rack. The IMPS #123A short ribs are in the short plate area behind the brisket, and are ribs 6-8...and come 3 ribs to a rack normally.

    I know a lot of people use mustard to bind your rub. But, personally, I like to use Tabasco sauce. It just seems to give anything that faint hint of heat on the end that I like.

    And, my "rub" consists of the same thing I use for brisket...salt and pepper only.  It's a Texas thing! 

    WSM set to 250* with the Auber temp controller. Put them on at 10:30am. I'm used to smoking beef ribs at 275*-300* on a stick burner, but turned down the WSM to 250* as a test. It took 8 hours, and I'm used to doing them in 6 - 6 1/2 hours, but that was fine. They turned out great!  And, the main thing is the WSM did all the work, and I got all the credit.  This is one amazing smoker.

    Then, it was time to sit back and enjoy some adult beverages and wait. 

    4 hours in, and starting to look good.

    The next pic is at the 6-hour mark. I started spritzing with an apple juice and apple cider vinegar mixture at this point. They still felt a little too resistive when poking them at this time...and I wanted them to feel like butter.

    At the 7-hour mark...spritzing again.

    Pulled them after about 8 hours.

    I actually think beef short ribs, whether from the chuck area or plate area, is one of the easiest meats to barbecue...and they are most definitely one of the tastiest. It's by-far my favorite. The only drawback is finding them, even in Texas. And, I guess you could say the price is a drawback...but I think they're worth every penny. One other thing I always tell guests, if they've never eaten my beef ribs, brisket, or shoulder clod before, is that I will not provide them any barbecue sauce, until after they try them.  And, I've never had anyone ask for sauce with beef ribs, after tasting.  For me, beef just doesn't need it, just like a good steak doesn't need steak sauce. For my taste, all beef needs is just salt and pepper...but then again, I'm from Texas.  [​IMG]
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    Those are some great looking ribs!

    Your gazebo ain't to shabby either!

    Nice plate!

    Points for sure!

  3. worktogthr

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    Those look terrific!!!  Beef ribs are my favorite smoke!!  They are delicious and easy like you said.  I agree that no sauce is needed.  They are like brisket on a bone, but a lot easier to get right!!  POINTS for sure!

    P.S.  That looks like a beautiful set up for cooking and eating!
  4. mickhlr

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    Thanks Al...appreciate it. 
  5. mickhlr

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    Absolutely!  Beef ribs always remind me of a cross between brisket and roast...on a stick!  And, they are so easy to smoke, and very forgiving...about the only piece of beef that is forgiving. 

    Yes, I do enjoy my patio...and can smoke meat in any kind of weather.  Finally got me a TV installed out there, so I won't miss any baseball or football this year when tending the smoker.  But, then again, with the WSM, no "tending" is required.  And, I like to sit out there each afternoon after work and sip a little whiskey.  [​IMG]

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