New WSM 22.5 and a leg of lamb.

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  1. Hey guys well I'm about as excited as you can be. I ordered a WSM 22.5 and it should be here next week ( just in time for Memorial Day) and today my cousin called and said he is bring a leg of lamb up for that weekend. ( along with a bunch of beef and pork). So I decided what better way to break in the new smoker than with a new meat I've never smoked. So I would love any tips, hints, recipes, and any advice on a good beer to go with the lamb would be great too. Thanks all.
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  2. Hello.  Being from Tx. ( dumb redneck ) I had never cooked lamb until I moved to England.  I have found that for leg of lamb hot and fast is better; 350-375 range, and serve medium at the most.  I would pull the lamb at an IT of 130-135 tops and wrap in foil and rest for an hour.  As for a beer to go with the lamb, I find that a COLD one goes best.  [​IMG]   Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Thanks!!! Yes I do prefer the cold ones also lol. 

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