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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by grandpeppers, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. grandpeppers

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    Hey All,

    Brand new to the smoking game and I've got a couple of questions I'm struggling to find some clear answers on. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologize for asking any common questions. I've given the forums a good scour I promise! If there is a spot I can get this info please feel free to point me in the right direction!

    1) Which Smoker:

    I'm Canadian and on a budget  and need my smoker fast so it seems that some of my MES options are limited due to shipping/costs/timing. Here's the only two I can get quickly and in my price range:

    They are both GEN2 which isn't ideal but it's my only real option given some of my restrictions. Safe to assume it's best to go with the the Digital one from Lowes?

    2) AMNPS 

    I'm going to order the AMNPS 5x8 from Amazen products as well as some dust for cold smoking and pellet for higher temps. I'm just struggling to understand how it works with the MES. Where do the majority of you place it? I hear lots of talk about removing parts etc and I'm not sure I'm up for that. Should it work properly with the model above? Do you place it in the same spot for hot and cold smoking?

    3) Pellets

    In the event I cant get my AMPNS to work properly due to air flow issues with the model of MES I'm buying can I use Amazen pellets in the regular chip tray?


    Do yourself a BIG favor and spend another 60 bucks on a high quality smoker!!!   I have no need for any alternate smoke generators and with the Cold Smoking plate I can do cheese and other items. 

    That Gen 2 MES is a failure waiting to happen.  Trust me on this.....I had one....and it quit after just 5 smokes.  Never again. 

  3. grandpeppers

    grandpeppers Newbie

    I would love to look into other options it's just the shipping costs that get me. Both the MES listed above come with free shipping. The smokin it model 1 looks amazing it's just the $200 dollars in shipping that throws me right out of my price range! Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Try and find a Gen 1 MES......that will at least save you MOST of the headaches you will have with the GEN 2!!!  

  5. grandpeppers

    grandpeppers Newbie

    I did find a Gen1 available that coudl ship to Canada for free but Amazon says it wont ship for at least 5-7 weeks. I live in a condo downtown Toronto so my smoking opportunities are extremely limited. I have a week vacation coming up in two weeks where I planned to get out of the city and head to the cottage to give smoking a try. Needless to say the 5-7 week wait time wont work for me :(
  6. Well I know you have probably heard this.......but be careful rushing into a purchase just to be disappointed later.  Maybe take some time on this and find another time to smoke?  Just an option.

  7. tropics

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  8. grandpeppers

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    Thanks for the input guys. After doing some reading I might go with the Smokin It Model 1 if I don't get dinged on duties. I'm going to contact them and ask. So your able to cold and hot smoke without any attachments/mods?
  9. I think you are making a smart choice........that is a smoker that will last you for a long damn time.  In order to cold smoke I purchased the "Cold Smoke Plate" from Smokin-It

    Good luck!!!!
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    Also glad you made that decision.  Re: The Gen1 you found, I would have been very cautious about it being that series,  especially via Amazon.  Do you have a link to it? 
  11. grandpeppers

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    I may be way off. I just assumed since the temp display is in the back. Keep in mind this is
  12. Looks exactly like my one and ONLY MES.  It died after 5 smokes.  Tripping GFI and Controller stopped working.  It's in my side yard rusting out......GOOD RIDDENCE [​IMG]

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