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  1. In addition to smoking bacon, cheese, and making Canadian Bacon I make my own yogurt every two weeks. Normally after heating the milk to 160 degrees and letting it cool to 110, I would use my warming drawer to keep it at 110 degrees for 9 hours.  That worked well but I could not get two large bowls to fit, and maintaining 110 degrees was not easy to set.

    Welcome the MES 40.

    I can easily fit two ceramic bowls in the MES, set it to 110 degrees & 9 hours.  Temps are really pretty solid.

    Maybe soon I will try a little smoke on the yougurt.  Could be good.
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    I microwave milk to 160 so I don't scorch it and let it cool to 110 as well before putting in my yogurt starter. I preheat my oven to 325 f when the milk gets close to 110. When the mixture is stirred and wrapped in plastic wrap I wrap it in a big beach towel and put it in the oven. After a few minutes I turn off the oven and let it incubate over night 9-12hrs. I haven't made it in awhile.
  3. If you have an electric smoker you might try using it.  I set the temp on the MES at 110 and let it rip for 9 hours.  I used my "Smoke" to monitor the temps. Yogurt mix was rock steady at 110 the entire time.  Air temp obviously fluctuated between 105 and 117.  I used the timer on the MES at 9 hours.  When it auto shut off and the MES temp dipped below 100 the alarms started ringing.  Took it out and let harden in the fridge overnight, then strained it for 5 hours.

    After straining into the jars.  I save the whey and give to a neighbor with chickens.  They love it and it's good for their shells.

    Finished product

    I have found that temperature control is very important to ensure the yogurt is smooth and creamy.  I heat the milk on the stove top with a very low flame.  My Smoke is set to go off at 160 degrees.  I then let it cool slowly to 110.  Again the Smoke alerts me when it goes below.  The MES is a great new addition because it keeps that temp of the yogurt right at 110 the entire time.
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    I never figured out what to do with the strained whey. I think Ricotta cheese is made from it but never followed through. Or if plants benefit from it instead of pouring down the drain.
  5. I've heard you can make ricotta cheese from whey as well.  But I never have enough to bother with it.  Besides I get free eggs which is whey more important. Pun. [​IMG]
  6. I originally bought mine here:  I think you can also get it at Amazon. I have read you can use yogurt that has active culture, but I have never tried it.  I have been using mine now for almost a year.

    Good luck.  It's not hard, but it is a long process, but shorter than most cures for meat.

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