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    Hello all,
    I have started my UDS build. I have 2 new barrels never used with no liners !

    I started over the past weekend. I went and got parts to do 1 then I figure ill do the other once this one is complete.
    I needed something to make a charcoal basket out of. I took the grates from the 22.5 weber replacement grates I purchased at Home Depot and then took my old cage that went around a outdoor firepit I had and cut the firepit cage in half, so I would have 1 for each drum.


    I used rebarb ties and used it to tie it to the grate

    , then put lag bolts in as legs as seen below. The charcoal basket is now complete.

    It fits nicely into the barrel:

    I have a few questions:
    1.Do you guys put anything between the charcoal basket and the meat trays to deflect the direct heat and keep it from searing the bottom of the meat?
    2.What distance should my firebox be from the first meat tray?
    Thanks, more pics and details to come as I progress.

    Thanks all,
    Talk to you soon
  2. That is a hoss cat charcoal basket. You probably won't even need to fill that puppy half way to get a full smoke. I cooked ribs last weekend and filled my basket full about 6-8lbs worth of lump and used about half (6 hrs.) on windy day.

    Everything I read on the distance from meat to heat was 24" minimum, any closer and you risk burning the meat.

    Someone more experienced will tell you about the heat shield. From what I've seen some do and most don't.

    Good looking build. Clean barrels are the only way to go. I searched through 25 barrels until I found one that was clean on the inside. That saves so much time. Enjoy the UDS it's great.
  3. yeah i know the basket is a little overkill but im jsut using what i have laying around the garage.

    it will work though.

    looking foward to using it

  4. I know what you mean. I tried to keep my cost down as much as possible. I built it for about $50 and the grating for the basket was $18. You can check my build out on the Finally it's here thread. Good luck. The good thing about the big basket is you could have super long cooks and not worry about it.
  5. jocosa

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    We used the rebar ties on our UDS charcoal basket as well. I thought they might wear out fast because of the heat, but we've used the UDS just about every weekend since it was completed in January and the ties have held up exceptionally well.

    Nice score on finding a barrel that was unlined - we're questing for one of those now to build UDS 2.0.
  6. ddave

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    No heat shield required if your cook grate is 24" above the charcoal grate and you keep the temps under control. Cooking fat side down is a good idea though for butts and briskets.[​IMG] Bone side down for ribs though.

    Distance is probably the biggest thing though. I cooked chicken leg quarters fat side up at about 325° to 350° and had no problems with drying or flare ups.

    You're going to love the UDS! [​IMG]

  7. hoping to work on this more tonight and finish it tomorrow now :)

  8. billbo

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    Be sure to post pics of the finished product![​IMG]
  9. tld

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    Looking forward to finish pic's. Nice job so far.

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