New twist on a classic breakfast

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  1. Bacon and eggs. Smoked with AMPS loaded with hickory. Bacon was dry rubbed with maple cure for 10 days and rinsed and dried. Eggs were brined with SPG for 48 hours.


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    Sounds good, but the photo didn't show up.

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    Were the eggs hard boiled and peeled and then smoked? By brined in SPG do you mean you coated the eggs with a rub of salt, pepper, garlic?

    Was this a cold smoke or a hot smoke?
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  4. The eggs were hard boiled and peeled, they were then brined in 1 gallon of water, 1/8 cup kosher salt, 1/8 cup granulated garlic,1/8 cup black pepper, for 48 hours, drained, dried and into the smoker for 8 hours of cold smoke.
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    This sounds pretty interesting. We need some details! :biggrin:

    How were the eggs after the brine solution?
  6. The eggs are still firm, but the eggs sitting on the bottom that are in contact with the pepper get a little brown coloring to them.

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