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  1. Hello all.  I am Terry and currently reside in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.  I currently own a Bradley 6 rack digital smoker and have used it for several years now primarily for making jerky.  I have done alot of reading on the Bradley forum and have a bigger 750 watt heating element that I am going to be installing in it to cope with winter smoking  I am on outdoorsey kinda guy and enjoy hunting and fishing and spending time around a campfire.

    I just recently obtained a commercial all stainless steel food warmer that is my new project. I will be posting in the fridge/freezer build section as it is probably the most applicable. I have alot of questions as to what other guys are using for their projects.  I am looking to have the build done in a month or so as I have several hundred pounds of wild game that I want to put through it.  The first to go in it will be ground jerky strips and next will be sausage rings.

    Looking forward to being part of the SMF family.
  2.  Terry, welcome to the forum. I will be looking forward to your posts.

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    Hi Terry and welcome to the forum. If you search the smoker build forums on this site you will find tons of info to help with your build. And there are lots of great people here who can offer advice if you need it. Happy smokin', David.

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