New to this forum, but have been smoking for awhile.:-)

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bo4656, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Hi, my name is Bo. I live in the USA. The weirdest thing I smoked to date is sea salt. I saw it in a gourmet catalog and thought...."I can do that.". It added a lot of flavor to food when I was not able to smoke. I'm not new to smoking, but am always looking for something new try, whether it be a new technique, food or recipe.;-)
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  2. Love that idea... My mother in law is Eastern European and always talked about smoked spices were better. I took on her challenge with smoked paprika garlic powder and onion salt!!! All I can say is Lord Have is such a difference and was my biggest secret until now. I get raves on my flavors and with a little tweak you will too!!!
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    Omg!!! That sounds so good!!! Going to have to try that!!! Thank you for the idea! I'm thinking I'll try it today when I fire the beast's a toss up...garlicky spicy buffalo turkey or turkey pastrami. Yum!
  4. Enjoy and keep sharing
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      Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forum ,this is the place to be for smoking ideas and the people

    who share are  great too! I just purchased a 40" Masterbuilt propane smoker. I have not smoked any thing yet. Sea Salt was an idea for a starter. I was thinking about giving some smoked salt for the holidays. Enjoy your smoker!

                                                                                                                 Happy Smokin!

                                                                                                                    Smokin Sid
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    Thank you, Smoking Sid! Enjoy your smoker, too!!! What's the next thing you are going to smoke? I'm thinking I'm going to smoke pastrami.:)
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      Thank you for sharing the smoked spices idea. I have friends who are on restricted diets and spices

    are a great way to liven any meal up. I also think smoked spices and seasonings are a wonderful gift

    for any occasion, and the smoke flavor gives the spice your own personal touch.

                                                                                                              Happy Smokin

                                                                                                            Smokin  Sid
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  8. Hey Bo, welcome to the forum. smoked spices sound great.

    Gary S

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