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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rschriv, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Hello to all and Merry Christmas. If you aren't a Christmas fan, then I wish you a happy holiday by whatever name you call it.

    I have been reading some of the posts for a while, and do use Jeff's sauce and rub, in addition to some of my own. I leve in Kearney, Missouri, which is about 25 miles NE of Kansas City, and is best known for being the birth place of Jesse James. In September, we celebrate the Jesse James Festival with  KCBS certified Contest. Our contest is usually critical in the State standings .

    I am a member of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, a certified KCBS Judge, and Certified American Royal Judge. I enjoy the judging, but this year has been an off year with two spine surgeries, and a slow recovery.

    My cooking deck houses a Vertical Roasting Oven ( wood burner ), A cookshack, two weber bullets, and a 30" masterbuilt. I have a good supply of fresh hickory on my land, and used chipped wood for the other cookers. I enjoy making sausages and cooking/smoking them to my taste. For routine cookouts, we have a 4 burner grill on the deck at the house.

    I enjoy trying new things, such as different rubs and sauces and techniques. I consider myself as acceptable backyard cooker/smoker, and have no desire to be on a contest team. I would rather be at the judging table.

    It has been interesting to read some of the posts and seeing what the experts are doing. Being a Louisiana native gives me a different style of cooking from the KC area. Our sauces in particular are quite different. I will check in periodically to see what is going on. At this time, not much smoker activity is going on here. Can't get out and do any of it yet.

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  2. Hi Rod

    Welcome to the forum. There is a large group of great smokers here and love to share their knowledge. Looking forward to seeing you around the site!! 

  3. rschriv

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    Thks, Len....I have been enjoying reading the posts. It is interesting to see how people use their smokers and the

    different things they have done. I will be re-sealing the door on my Oklahoma Joes Vertical Roasting Oven after

    the winter break. Unlike the horizontal cookers, the vertical box does not have a heating problem. It is very roomy

    and well built.. I guess it was too expensive for them to make, so it is discontinued. I ahve had 6 turkeys in it at

    once, and using racks 30 slabs of baby backs.....

    I am looking forward to picking up more tips from the group as time goes on.


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